5 Of The Best Cordless Drills You Can Find At Harbor Freight

We’ve mentioned that Harbor Freight prices its products based on a quality scale. Well, if you’re curious about the brands positioned at or near the top of that scale, look no further than Hercules power tools. Hercules is one of Harbor Freight’s premier, top-end brands and supplies everything from power grinders and sanders to saws, fans, and radios. Some of the best Hercules tools sold at Harbor Freight include things like miter saws, jack hammers, and orbital sanders.

If you’re looking for a quality cordless drill that provides top-tier power and efficiency without breaking the bank, the Hercules 20V Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver could be a solid choice. The tool is designed for high performance and is capable of 1,200 inch-pounds of torque, allowing you to punch through tough materials like concrete and stone. It features 16 clutch settings and a two-speed transmission, enabling users to fine-tune their work speed and force based on the current job. The Hercules drill features an all-metal ratcheting chuck designed for efficiency, while the internal hammer and anvil mechanism is capable of up to 32,000 blows per minute, translating to robust power for all types of materials. 

The tool features a detachable side handle for when you need extra stability, a built-in LED light for enhanced vision, and a textured grip for comfort and security. The Hercules 20-volt hammer drill does not include a battery or charger and costs $79.99. It’s highly rated by Harbor Freight customers and features 4.8 out of five stars based on nearly 200 user reviews.

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