A Glimpse Into The Future Of Synthetic Data Solutions

HANGZHOU, China, May 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MANYCORE TECH INC., a leading cloud based interior design software platform established in November 2011. As part of MANYCORE TECH INC.’s brand portfolio, Coohom Cloud stands out as a professional data service provider incubated by the company’s innovation laboratory. 

At the recently concluded ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), representing the premier global conference in the robotics and automation sector, Coohom Cloud showcased its extensive and high-quality 2D and 3D dataset products, along with its efficient data processing capabilities and customized synthetic data solutions.

In recent years, there has been a surge in Artificial Intelligence, driving significant data requirements across sectors such as AIGC and robotics enterprises. These AI driven industries are predominantly influenced by three critical factors: algorithms, computing power, and data. In particular, researchers often require a diverse range of data types—text, speech, images, videos, and even 3D models—for training models and enhancing performance.

However, real-world data is inherently limited, and comes with challenges in acquisition and annotation. Consequently, synthetic data, created through computer simulations or algorithms, digitally replicates data without relying on real-world collection or measurements. After years of technological and commercial exploration, synthetic data demonstrates enhanced efficiency, high quality, cost effectiveness, and privacy security, already finding practical applications across industries such as robotics, AIGC, autonomous driving, finance, and more.

The Coohom Cloud’s self-developed rendering engine technology, empowered by MANYCORE TECH INC.’s vast data resource pool, refines data resources into various digital fuels required by the AI industry through data processing. Currently, it can provide various formats of 3D virtual scenes, 2D image datasets, videos, and other dataset products.

Along with the stunning rendered and phisical ready 3D scenes, Coohom Cloud has approximately 360 million models of various types, including furniture, appliances, daily necessities. Additionally, it also has the capability for indoor environmental design, customizing various interior design schemes to digitally realize real-life scenarios, supporting universal formats as well as different data application platforms such as Unreal, Isaac Sim from NVIDIA Omniverse, Blender, GAZEBO, etc.

Coohom Cloud also utilizes computer rendering technology to position cameras in various design scenarios (virtual scenes), capturing images along planned paths, producing RGB, depth, semantic images, etc. With the capability to deliver 300,000 image sets per day, Coohom Cloud effectively addresses clients’ low-cost, large-scale data training requirements.

Besides, Coohom Cloud’s dataset products provide extensive additional information, such as model semantics, position, material, and status, allowing users to streamline data collection and processing.

As AI technology progresses, Coohom Cloud is committed to finding extensive applications of synthetic data across diverse sectors, fueling innovation within the AI industry. Catch us at this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference, held from June 17th to June 21st in Seattle, Washington, USA.


MANYCORE TECH INC. is a leading global cloud based interior design software platform founded in November 2011. Specializing in the development and application of cloud based design software systems, the company aims to “Realizing Imagination”. MANYCORE TECH INC. provides software products and digital solutions for design rendering, marketing display, production integration, and construction implementation in home decoration, commercial spaces, and real estate construction. The company’s focus on cutting-edge research in computer graphics and AI has resulted in multiple research papers being selected for top international academic conferences such as SIGGRAPH Asia, CVPR, ECCV, and BMVC.

About Coohom Cloud

Coohom Cloud is a professional data service provider incubated by the parent company, MANYCORE TECH INC.’s innovation laboratory in 2017. Building upon the outstanding interior design digital assets of the parent company globally, Coohom Cloud offers an array of dataset services, including interior synthetic data generation and 3D virtual assets creation. This aims to accelerate the advancement of diverse industries such as AIGC, Robotics, AI Agents, XR and more. 

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Coohom Cloud Interior 3D scene integrated with Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Isaac Sim


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