Asus unveils AI-powered Vivobook S 15 with Snapdragon X Elite

ASUS has unveiled its latest foray into AI-powered computing, the Vivobook S 15, developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm. This ultrathin and lightweight 15.6″ OLED laptop is available for pre-order today at the ASUS Eshop and various retailers.

The Vivobook S 15 is the pioneer in ASUS’s Copilot+ PC lineup, equipped with Windows 11 AI features designed to enhance user experience across content creation, productivity, and learning. The laptop showcases a 3K 120 Hz ultra-large OLED display and a high-quality audio system within a slender all-metal 1.47 cm thin and 1.42 kg light body.

Bradley Howe, Head of Consumer at ASUS ANZ, commented on the growing integration of AI in personal computing: “AI has been building momentum as a technology, particularly with the use of personal assistance. We are ushering in a new era of AI computing where AI takes on a more integrated role in our lives and in the PC space, making what Australians do on their PCs easier, smarter, and faster.”

Among the standout features of the Vivobook S 15 is its use of the Snapdragon X Elite platform, which incorporates the world’s fastest laptop NPU, delivering 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS). This technological advancement ensures peak performance for users and the capability to run AI tools directly from the device rather than relying on cloud services.

For Australians increasingly employing generative AI at work, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, the Vivobook S 15 offers significant user benefits. For content creation, the dedicated Copilot key facilitates near-instant, AI-powered creation. In terms of productivity, the laptop automates repetitive processes and enhances efficiency by managing tasks such as email organisation and file management. In the realm of learning, this device presents quick and easy access to various educational tools, supporting students, researchers, and lifelong learners alike.

ST Liew, Vice President of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific and President of Qualcomm Taiwan & SEA, Australia, New Zealand, highlighted the collaborative effort, saying, “The PC is reborn with Snapdragon X Elite, and we are excited to collaborate with ASUS to deliver such innovation. The Vivobook S 15 meets the needs of consumers now and in the future.”

The laptop also includes an impressive 70 Wh battery, offering over 18 hours of use on a single charge. Fast charging and USB-C Easy Charge technology support this. ASUS IceCool thermal technology ensures efficient heat transfer and exhaust, allowing the device to handle demanding tasks without performance degradation.

Key software features such as ASUS StoryCube, an AI-powered digital asset management tool, and AI Noise Cancellation for clear audio during calls, reflect ASUS’s commitment to leveraging AI in daily life. Additionally, ASUS Adaptive Dimming and Adaptive Lock technologies aim to optimise power consumption and enhance security, respectively.

In line with Microsoft’s qualifications for a Copilot+ PC, the Vivobook S 15 includes a Copilot key for easy access to AI tools. Dan Johnson, Windows & Microsoft 365 Category Lead for Microsoft ANZ, emphasised the synergy between cloud and device operations, stating, “We believe the richest AI experiences will only be possible when the cloud and device work together in concert.”

For those interested in high performance and reliability, the Vivobook S 15 boasts PCIe 4.0 SSD storage up to 1TB and 32GB of LPDDR5X memory, alongside military-grade durability certification. Its comprehensive connectivity options include WiFi 7 technology and multiple I/O ports, ensuring users stay connected and productive.

The ASUS Vivobook S 15 is available for pre-order today. The RRP is AUD $2,699 in Australia and NZD $2,799 in New Zealand.

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