AT&T’s New $10/Mo ‘Next Up Anytime’ Add-on Lets You Upgrade Your Phone Anytime

AT&T announced a new and improved add-on for customers with an active device installment plan. Called Next Up Anytime, this add-on grants AT&T customers the ability to upgrade their phone anytime up to three times a year, so long as they keep the installment plan updated.

Priced at $10/mo (vs. $6/mo for the basic Next Up add-on) in addition to your existing phone line and device installment price, there’s three bullets of benefits that AT&T lists out.

  • Upgrade to the latest phone with our smartphone deals once 33% or more of their phone is paid off.
  • Upgrade as soon as one installment payment and the first Next Up Anytime payment is made.
  • Upgrade any time – up to three times per year.

This is great for someone who can never not have the latest and greatest device from their favorite maker, but it’s certainly suboptimal for anyone who ever wants to own their phone outright. That simply won’t happen if you sign up for this and continue to keep upgrading. But hey, some people aren’t concerned about that.

According to AT&T, Next Up Anytime will be available on “all our wireless plans” starting July 16.

// AT&T

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