Best Knot Tying App for Android Currently Free

The developer behind Knots 3D has set the price of the app to free, down from its usual $5.99. Apparently this isn’t the first time they have done this and we’re sure it serves as a solid way to get eyes on the app.

Knots 3D is really just an app about knots. Personally, I was never a big appreciator of knots, but now having joined the fire service, knots have become somewhat of a big deal in my life. The issue with knots is, there are so many different kinds and learning them all is time consuming and difficult. With Knots 3D, the process of discovering and learning new knots is made much more easy.

In the app, knots are categorized into things like boating, caving, fire & rescue, fishing, neckties, scouting, and military. Within each category are popular knots you’d associate with them, with each knot featuring a 3D model to inspect, a animation you can watch in how to tie it, as well as playback controls for said animation. These controls are what makes learning the new knots so easy.

Want to know what makes this app even more special? It doesn’t ask for any permissions, it works offline, there’s no ads, and there’s no in-app purchases. It’s 100% knots.

It’s free. Go get it.

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