Cybersecurity pros don’t like being ignored

A new survey reveals that 29 percent of security professionals say their biggest frustration is that their advice is being ignored.

The study, conducted by security awareness specialist KnowBe4 at Infosecurity Europe 2024 in London, finds other issues include a stated a lack of skilled workers to employ (15 percent), while a further 13 percent highlight working in an inadequate security culture or environment is their biggest complaint, with the same percentage claiming they have too many tools to manage at their organizations.

“Whilst the frustrations here are all entirely valid, this highlights the importance of fostering a robust security culture within organizations, where cybersecurity is viewed as a shared responsibility rather than the sole responsibility of the IT department,” says Javvad Malik, lead security awareness advocate at KnowBe4. “Organizations must shift away from the antiquated once-a-year training model, where they inundate employees with an overwhelming amount of information over an hour or more in a bid to complete the training.”

The research was conducted during the UK general election campaign, during which one of the policies under discussion was the possible introduction of some form of ‘National Service.’ Only 33 percent of security professionals supported this, however, the figure jumps to 48 percent if it were to incorporate cybersecurity education.

“This division in perspectives highlights the complexity of the issue but provides evidence that there is a growing recognition of the urgent need to expand cybersecurity education, particularly to the younger generation, and equip individuals with the necessary skills to navigate this increasingly digital world safely,” adds Malik. “Yet, the equal number of those who are unsure or opposed underscores the contentious nature of using National Service for this purpose which can arise from hesitation about the effectiveness of the program or the practical challenges of implementing them.”

You can see the full findings on the KnowBe4 site.

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