Diablo 4 Season 5: It’s not just an expansion that’s on the way – here’s what we know so far

While the Diablo IV expansion Vessel of Hatred is undoubtedly going to cause a big ‘ol stir when it arrives in October, Blizzard knows not everybody will necessarily jump on board an expensive DLC and many will stick with the tried and tested formula.

Before we get there we have Season 5 to contend with, alongside a snippet of news about Season 6 as well. These are exciting times in down Sanctuary way.

If you have pre-ordered Vessel already you will now have pets, and if not, you will be seeing characters with pets roaming around – not everything has been plain sailing for pet owners but hopefully now everything is under control ahead of the arrival of Season 5.

We do have a final Season 4 patch to come as well as the big Season 5 reveal so let’s have a look at what we know so far.

Diablo IV Season 5 release date

The good news is that we are merely a week away from the Season 5 Campfire Chat. Blizzard has revealed we will get our first indications of what Season 5 will be about on Friday 21st June. As soon as we get the specific times we will report back on that.

Meanwhile, we also have an event coming up on the 18th of July that will show the new Spiritborn class that is coming to the game with Vessel of Hatred. By then we should be well entrenched in Season 5.

With Season 4 seemingly the season that has turned the tide back in Diablo IV’s favor, it seems we have a lot to look forward to.

Diablo IV Season 6 release date

Without wanting to get too far ahead of ourselves Blizzard has already confirmed that Season 6 will arrive on the same day as Vessel of Hatred – so that’s October 8th. We presume the two will be somehow interlinked but we will need to hold our horses before any of that can be confirmed.

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