DigitalOcean is simplifying application development and deployment

DigitalOcean Holdings, a cloud service provider tailored for developers and growing companies, has introduced new features to its App Platform.

This platform is designed to simplify the application lifecycle through a fully managed PaaS solution. It enhances the user experience by adding more features and value, including autoscaling capabilities that allow customers to manage their applications more easily without the hassle of infrastructure management. This enables customers to build, deploy, and scale their applications much faster.

Todd Redfoot, CTO at DigitalOcean, emphasised the critical roles of cost efficiency and scalability in today’s dynamic digital landscape, particularly for ISVs, startups, and growing tech companies.

Redfoot added: “We’ve listened to the needs of our customers and reimagined App Platform, improving the app creation experience while lowering the total cost of ownership. Whether a business is deploying web interfaces, business solutions, or cutting-edge microservices-based applications, App Platform offers the flexibility and freedom they need to thrive.”

Enhanced pricing and packaging to support business growth

App Platform’s revised pricing and packaging strategy aims to remove scalability obstacles for ISVs, startups, and emerging digital companies. With its pay-as-go pricing, businesses only pay for the resources they consume, resulting in significant cost reductions over conventional hosting services.

The platform now offers more flexibility and better value by allowing customers to select from various instance types without fixed tiers. These changes include up to a 35% price reduction on dedicated instances, an expanded range of instance types, and a higher data transfer allowance. 

Furthermore, an 80% reduction in bandwidth overage fees makes it more economical to run compute and data-intensive applications.

Hassle-free scaling for businesses

Developers need infrastructure capable of automatically adapting to fluctuating workloads. App Platform’s CPU-based autoscaling facilitates horizontal scaling of applications based on actual utilisation, optimising resource use and cost. This feature continuously tracks CPU usage from containers that run application components, adjusting the instance count as needed to meet performance requirements.

Dedicated IP for enhanced security

Since access to third-party services is restricted to certain IP addresses, secure communication is critical. To facilitate this, App Platform now offers a Dedicated Egress IP feature that assigns static IPs to all outbound traffic, thereby enhancing security and easing interactions with third-party APIs and SaaS platforms.

The platform is versatile, supporting a variety of popular languages and frameworks such as Node.js, Next.js, React, Python, Flask, Django, Laravel, Go, and Docker.

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