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Are you looking to free up some of your time by getting a robot vacuum? There is no better time to upgrade than Amazon Prime Day, which is scheduled for July 16-17 this year. You don’t have to wait until then to start saving, though. Early deals have begun hitting the Amazon home page, and we’ve been analyzing them all. There are multiple factors to consider before picking the right robot vacuum, and we know there is a sea of options out there. This is why we’ve picked the best deals on robot vacuums for you. Let’s go over them!

Note: Some of these deals are only available to Amazon Prime members. If you’re not signed up yet, keep in mind new Prime members get a 30-day free trial!

Narwal Freo robot vacuum and mop combo – 50% off

Narwhal Cleaning Robot Featured Image Alt #1

Narwal makes some of the best robot vacuums we’ve ever tested. These are seriously impressive, but the truth is they compete with the best of the best, so they aren’t cheap. Narwal is throwing the house out the window with this Amazon Prime Day early deal, though. Right now, you can get the Narwal Freo robot vacuum and mop combo at a massive 50% discount. This brings the price down from $1,400 to just $700.

Just keep in mind that this deeper discount is only for Amazon Prime members. Those without a Prime subscription will still get a discount, but will have to pay $1,000, enjoying less savings.

The Narwal Freo will keep your floors pristine, thanks to its strong suction and dual scrubbing mops with 12N downward pressure, for a complete and thorough cleaning. It’s also a very hands-off unit, as the base will clean and dry the mops on its own. “Dirtsense” technology will also sense how dirty the mops are, and the robot will continue mopping the floors until they are squeaky clean.

It goes beyond just cleaning, and expands on the whole experience with a very intuitive app, but you can also manage it using the LCD touchscreen on the dock. Additionally, the robot can run for 3.5 hours on a single charge! This should cover most homes.

Narwal FreoNarwal Freo

Narwal Freo

Vacuum and mop in one • Smart and powerful

Powerful multi-surface cleaning solution

The Narwal Freo is an impressive floor cleaning solution. In one device you get a vacuum and a mop, which docks to a self-cleaning, auto-charging station for hassle-free automated floor cleaning. Packed with LiDAR, Narwal’s DirtSense technology ensures a thorough clean.

More of the best robot vacuum early Prime Day deals

Narwal Freo X Ultra – 29% off

Narwal freo x Ultra

The Narwal Freo you see above is likely the better deal, but the Narwal Freo X Ultra is undoubtedly a much better robot vacuum. So, if you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, the Narwal Freo X Ultra is also discounted, albeit by less. This one originally costs $1,400, but you can get it for $1,000. You’ll just have to apply a $400 coupon on the Amazon page manually.

Let’s go over the main improvements with this model, so you know what you’re paying extra for. For starters, the suction power has been increased to 8,200Pa, which is more than twice as strong. The brush has also been improved, featuring a design that gets rid of hair tangling. There’s also one extra side sensor for more precise obstacle avoidance for the dual spinning mops. The dustbin can also fit twice as much dirt at a one-liter capacity.

Otherwise, the features are very similar. You get hands-free cleaning, mop washing and drying features, and Dirtsense technology. The innovative self-contained dust compression technology can store dust and debris for up to 7 weeks, unlike the traditional self-emptying docks that tend to be loud and are prone to frequent clogging. This may very well be the best robot vacuum and mop we’ve tested.

iRobot Roomba S9 Plus and Braava Jet M6 combo – 33% off

iRobot Roomba S9 Plus and Braava Jet M6 combo

There’s no denying that iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuums are among the most popular. If you want to stick with this brand, this is our favorite early Prime Day deal from it. The iRobot Roomba S9 Plus and Braava Jet M6 combo usually costs $1,350, but right now, you can have it for $899. Just keep in mind that this deal is only available to Amazon Prime members.

The tricky part with iRobot is that, while it has some options that both vacuum and mop, it seems to prefer separating these tasks into separate robots. In this case, the S9 Plus handles the vacuuming, and the Braava Jet M6 does the mopping, working as a team to keep your floors clean. iRobot calls it “the dream team.”

It’s a pretty capable combo. The S9 Plus can operate hands-free for 60 days. PerfectEdge catches most of the edges, which is something many robots have issues with. And the suction power is still pretty good at 2,200Pa.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra – 38% off

roborock s7 max ultra

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra has one of our favorite docks, and right now, you can get it for $800, which equates to a $500 discount on the full $1,300 price. This robot vacuum/mopping combo can operate hands-free for seven weeks. The dock has a dirt storage compartment, as well as both clean and dirty water tanks. This means it can empty the robot’s dirt, refill its liquid, and also clean the mopping pad. Of course, it will also dry the mopping pad.

The robot can handle 5,500Pa of suction, and the mop uses sonic scrubbing at 3,000 times per minute. It’s also known for its great object detection and fast charging, which is said to be 30% quicker than usual. A full battery can also run for about 180 minutes, or three hours, which is outstanding.

ECOVACS DEEBOT T30S Combo – 21% off

ecovacs deebot t30s combo

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T30S Combo usually goes for $1,200, but it’s one of the best Amazon Prime Day early deals, and you can currently get it for $951. While the discount isn’t as steep as others, this is still a great robot vacuum you should consider. It is actually my personal favorite option!

What makes it stand out is the addition of a handheld vacuum on the side. No matter how great a robot vacuum is, it will miss some edges and there are spots it won’t be able to reach, such as behind furniture. For those hard-to-reach spots, you can grab the handheld vacuum and take care of things manually. Additionally, you can use it to clean couches, beds, and more.

The robot itself is quite outstanding. It features 11,000Pa of suction, an anti-tangling brush, and a great set of sensors. Additionally, the dock can wash and dry the mopping pads using 158-degree water and warm air. It will also empty the handheld vacuum and refill the water tank. This one is quite the all-in-one solution.

Roborock Q5 Pro Plus – 46% off

roborock q5 pro plus

These early Amazon Prime Day deals are all about saving, and we know the options above are all still pretty expensive, even if heavily discounted. Let’s start covering the more affordable options! The Roborock Q5 Pro Plus usually costs $700, but you can get it for $380 right now.

You’d be surprised to learn it’s still a pretty capable robot vacuum and mop. It features a 5,500Pa suction strength, and the 2.5L dust bag in the dock allows you to operate the robot hands-free for seven weeks. The DuoRoller brush is said to pick up hair 20% more efficiently. The Lidar Navigation and SLAM sensors ensure great mapping and object detection. You’re not missing too much with this one, and the price is much friendlier.

iRobot Roomba Combo i3 Plus – 45% off

irobot roomba combo i3 plus

If you care about looks, I happen to be a huge fan of the iRobot Roomba Combo i3 Plus dock. And thanks to this early Amazon Prime Day deal, the original $600 price is reduced to just $330.

The i3 Plus is still a great option with a dock that can store up to 60 days of debris. It’s also pretty clever, as it can use Dirt Detect tech to identify dirtier areas and focus on these sections. It still uses dual brushes, which is pretty nice at this price point. And if you don’t care much for mopping, there is another bin that removes this feature from the equation.

Shark AI Ultra – 55% off

shark ai ultra

If you want a great Amazon Prime Day early deal, this is the best one on this list, both by price and discount percentage. The 55% discount brings the $550 price down to just $250.

The thing about this one is that it has no mopping function, but this may not be a problem for some of you, especially if carpet covers most of your home. If you can look past this, you’ll be rewarded with a great robot vacuum. The Shark AI Ultra can still store about 30 days of debris. It’s able to capture 99.97% of dust and allergens. Also awesome is the addition of a self-cleaning brush roll for avoiding hair tangles, a feature that is rare at lower price points.

Are you looking for other incredible deals? We have plenty of them in our Android Authority deals hub. Check that page out for more great offers.

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