Education Perfect’s AI tool set to transform student learning

Education Perfect, ANZ’s largest education technology provider, is set to revolutionise the learning landscape with the launch of its AI Powered Feedback Tool. This innovative tool, an Australian first, aims to enhance learning outcomes by offering students immediate, adaptive, and personalised support.

The tool is designed for use in subjects including English, Science, History, Geography, and various languages. By leveraging Education Perfect’s extensive repository of lessons and course content, the AI tool delivers fast annotations, comments, and recommendations, effectively integrating into the existing teaching and learning workflows. This immediate feedback mechanism enables students to iterate and improve their responses in real time, fostering a deeper understanding of academic topics.

Shane Smith, Co-Founder of Education Perfect, has returned to the company to lead this new AI initiative. Smith highlighted that unlike conventional chatbots, this AI tool is deeply embedded within the educational workflows, providing targeted coaching that enhances students’ learning processes. “Students are progressively coached through the learning process and are supported to iterate and improve their responses as they build a deep understanding of topics,” Smith stated.

In alignment with The Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Schools and in consultation with teachers and students globally, the tool has been designed to adhere to best educational practices. It offers teachers valuable insights into student usage patterns, performance metrics, and common misconceptions, enabling a more tailored educational approach.

The user interface of the AI Powered Feedback Tool is crafted to be intuitive, featuring accessible language and pop-up navigation to assist learners effectively. It supports 24-hour on-demand access to individual learning resources, whether students are at home or in the classroom. This ensures that students receive continuous support tailored to their unique learning needs.

Education Perfect’s comprehensive approach to AI in education reflects its vision where machines, students, and teachers collaboratively achieve optimal learning outcomes. The product was developed through close partnership with teachers and students, focusing on refining support to teaching and learning objectives while maintaining ethical standards.

User testing revealed strong positive feedback from students using the tool. An impressive 92% of students reported that the AI feedback was helpful, 85% found that they learned more, and 83% felt motivated to improve their answers. This high rate of approval underscores the tool’s potential to significantly enhance student engagement and educational outcomes.

Education Perfect has showcased its AI capabilities at EPIC 2024, demonstrating a Google add-on that integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom. The company’s initiatives represent a significant step forward in the incorporation of AI in educational settings, promising to deliver substantial benefits to students and educators alike.

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