FungYard’s Wood-Looking Hardtop Gazebo: Wood Charm, Steel Strength

Putting an End to Wood Gazebo Woes

NEW YORK, May 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —


“I bought a wood gazebo. Guess what? Just 15 months, one of the beams decides to snap outta nowhere, and the entire structure just crumbled. I live in central Ohio, not the eye of a hurricane! If a gazebo can’t make it past its 2nd winter here, is it even safe for anyone’s backyard?” —— A. Kendal recalls.

Kendal’s story isn’t isolated. In a survey conducted by FungYard recently, out of 572 consumers who bought wood gazebos, 87% reported issues like decay, aesthetic decline, and wood splitting within the first five years. Shockingly, 12% even experienced structural collapse.

4 Main Concerns in Gazebo Purchases —— How to Choose the Best Gazebo?
Recognizing these challenges, FungYard meticulously reviewed customer feedback and identified four main concerns in gazebo purchases:

Wood Gazebo: Maintenance worries and vulnerability. Steel Gazebo: Uncertainty about its claimed “permanence”. Difficult Assembly. Poor After-sales Service.

Crafted through 400+ Days: FungYard’s New Product Evolution
“FungYard’s engineers dedicated a year to R&D, improving features such as reinforced steel frames and weather-resistant coatings,” stated the Chief Product Officer. “Moreover, our factory invested $280,000 in a wind resistance and spray testing lab, which contributed to the creation of our new wood-looking hardtop gazebo, addressing customer concerns.”

Wood-Looking Hardtop Gazebo: $1000 Cheaper, Lasts 12 Years Longer
FungYard metal gazebo with a wood-grain paint finish that captures the natural essence of wood. Not only does it offer the durability of steel, but it’s also half the price of traditional wooden gazebos. Plus, its lifespan has been extended from 3-5 years to over 15 years. It’s the perfect fusion of style, strength, and affordability.

All Seasons Gazebo: 3.9″ Pillars, As Sturdy As An Oak
After undergoing rigorous wind and spray testing, FungYard All Seasons Gazebo proves its resilience against Category 7-8 winds and offers comprehensive rain protection. With 3.9″ pillars, 1″ thicker than standard 2.9″ ones, it stands as a symbol of durability and strength.

AR “Test Drive”: Try Before Buy
Embark on a virtual journey with FungYard’s innovative AR ‘Test Drive’ feature. Explore our gazebos from the comfort of your home, envisioning their perfect fit within your picturesque patio or garden. Experience the magic of trying before buying.

U.S. Free Shipping From CA/NJ/GA, Arrives in 1 Week
Across the USA, our three self-owned warehouses in CA, NJ, and GA ensure swift processing within 1-2 days. With FedEx Ground or UPS, deliveries take just 3-7 days, and yes, shipping’s on us! Plus, opt for offline inspection and pickup at our warehouses for added convenience.

30+ Min Detailed Assembly Video, Lifetime VIP Support
At FungYard, ensuring smooth assembly is our top priority. We provide three methods for successful installation. Firstly, our detailed instruction manual meticulously outlines each component and installation step for clarity. Secondly, FungYard YouTube channel offers comprehensive installation videos for visual guidance. Lastly, our 24/7 customer service team is dedicated to addressing any installation or other inquiries promptly.

FungYard’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of our products and services. With our revolutionary gazebos, we’ve not only addressed the common woes of traditional options but also elevated outdoor living to new heights. Whether it’s durability, affordability, or convenience, FungYard stands as your trusted partner in creating the perfect outdoor oasis. Join us today and experience the difference firsthand.



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