Galaxy S25+ will launch after all, Samsung didn’t ditch it

The Samsung Galaxy S25+ will launch after all, Samsung didn’t ditch the phone. Considering this is the case, we’d like to issue an apology regarding the article that was published on the site about a week ago, as an exclusive.

The Galaxy S25+ is coming after all, it will launch alongside the Galaxy S25 & Galaxy S25 Ultra

In that article, Erencan Yılmaz, who was writing for us at the time (he no longer is), both acquired information for that article and wrote it. It turns out he was wrong, as he just published completely different information on GizmoChina.

He based the initial information on model numbers he spotted in the GSMA database. At the time, the Galaxy S25+ was nowhere to be found, but that’s no longer the case. The phone surfaced in the database, later than its siblings.

It’s painfully obvious that the device is alive and well at this point, and that it will launch alongside the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25 Ultra, as initially expected. Samsung is sticking to a flagship smartphone series consisting of three smartphones.

We apologize for allowing Erencan’s inaccurate information to end up on Android Headlines in the form of exclusive information. We will do our best to avoid such issues moving forward, as that’s way below our standard.

Chances are we’ll see all three Galaxy S25 smartphones launch in January next year

By the looks of it, the Galaxy S25 series will launch in January next year, about a year after the Galaxy S24 series. Do note that this is just an assumption at this point in time, as Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything just yet.

One thing is for sure now, all three Galaxy S25 phones are coming. All three will become official at the same time. There is still a chance Samsung will move the launch date to February, or something like that, but chances are the company will stick to January, we’ll have to wait and see.

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