Get ‘Multi-Cloud Handbook for Developers’ (worth $39.99) for FREE

Unleash the power of cloud computing with Multi-Cloud Handbook for Developers, your guide to mastering the nuances of cloud-native and multi-cloud, covering practical strategies for design, development, and management.

Explore the essential concepts, challenges, and methodologies critical for navigating the complex landscape of modern cloud computing. Using core architectural and design principles (such as microservices and 12-factor architecture) and advanced strategies (such as distributed application design patterns, domain-driven design (DDD), and API-first strategies), you’ll learn how to build portable and efficient apps across various cloud platforms.

You’ll understand how to leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC), continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), GitOps, and DevOps practices, along with containerization and orchestration techniques using Docker and Kubernetes.

You’ll also get to grips with data, security, compliance, and cloud cost management strategies in multi-cloud environments.

With real-world case studies, best practices, and insights into future trends, this book will equip you with the skills to develop, manage, troubleshoot, and innovate cloud-native applications across diverse cloud platforms, positioning you at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution.

Multi-Cloud Handbook for Developers from Packt, usually retails for $39.99 but BetaNews readers can get it entirely free for a limited time.

All you must do to get your copy for free is go here, enter the required details, and click the Download button.

The offer expires on July 10, so act fast.

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