Global AI model race raises concerns of waste, China targets five foundational AI models by 2028 · TechNode

On July 6, the President of VeriSilicon, Dai Weimin, delivered a speech and presentation titled “Opportunities and Challenges of AIGC Chips” at the RISC-V and Generative AI Forum during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2024, held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. Based on current generative AI technology, achieving intelligence on par with or surpassing the human brain requires continuously expanding the scale of model parameters, a trend that necessitates an exponential increase in computational power, according to his speech. “Currently, numerous enterprises worldwide are developing their own AI large-scale models, with over 100 models in the Chinese market alone. The ‘AI-model war’ in the market seems like a chaotic competition and a waste of electricity. By 2028, China will have fewer than ten foundational large-scale models, ideally just five,” he claimed at the forum. [Icsmart, in Chinese]

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