Google Photos is readying a new ‘Cinematic Moment’ feature (APK teardown)

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  • Google Photos is preparing a new feature called “Cinematic Moment.”
  • The feature will automatically pick parts of a video and apply a slow-motion effect to it.
  • It is similar to the Cinematic Photos feature but will work on videos instead of still images.

Google Photos is apparently working on a new feature that will automatically create a “Cinematic Moment” for users. As the name suggests, the Cinematic Moment feature is similar to the Cinematic Photos feature, which allows users to create 3D viewers of flat images. However, the new Cinematic Moment will work on videos rather than still photos.

An APK teardown helps predict features that may arrive on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code. However, it is possible that such predicted features may not make it to a public release.

While investigating the latest version of the Google Photos app — version — Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug stumbled upon the Cinematic Moment feature.


<string<string name="photos_creations_photo_image_cinematic_moment_video">Cinematic Moment</string>
<string name="photos_creations_image_cinematic_moment_video_tooltip"> Created by adding a 
slow motion effect to your video</string>

The above code suggests that Google Photos will automatically create a Cinematic Moment by selecting a part of a video and applying a slow-motion effect to it. The process will be automatic, and users won’t be able to manually create a Cinematic Moment the same way they can create Cinematic Photos. Google could probably add that capability at a later date after the new feature is rolled out.

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