How Much Horsepower Does A Toyan V8 Engine Have?

As much joy as V8 power would surely bring die-hard RC vehicle fans, those looking to purchase a Toyan model engine may endure a bit of sticker shock upon tracking one down on the retail scene. That’s because a new Toyan V8 Engine kit will set you back a cool $1,800. That number is not far off from what a used full-size V8 engine might cost you on the lower end of the market.

Perhaps more problematic for some prospective purchasers of the Toyan V8 engine is that it will not arrive fully assembled. Though assembly instructions are included, some technical know-how concerning the inner workings of an engine may help ensure your Toyan performs as it’s designed to. Even still, the do-it-yourself faction of the RC scene will no doubt get a thrill out of assembling a legit miniature V8 engine for their vehicle.

Assembly work aside, what you get for the Toyan V8’s $1,800 asking price is a working, 1:10 replica of a full-size, 4-stroke nitro engine packing more muscle than most RC vehicles can handle. If you want to get cute with your Toyan V8, the engine is even strong enough to power a handheld drill and other devices with the right modifications. Of course, overhauls like that may be more trouble than they’re worth for most folks in the market for a Toyan V8. Nonetheless, this mighty miniature engine should be a lot of fun for any model builder or RC car enthusiast looking to tackle a new project.   

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