How To Empty Your Ryobi Hand Vacuum

Before we get to those instructions, we’ll note that if you are considering purchasing a handheld vacuum or any other Ryobi-branded tool, you’d be wise to avoid doing so through online retailers like Amazon, as devices sold there do not come backed by the brand’s generous warranty plans. To avoid such issues, or even online scammers, your best bet is to purchase your Ryobi handheld vacuum directly from the company’s online storefront, or buy them from its exclusive brick-and-mortar retailer, Home Depot. Once you’ve picked up your Ryobi handheld vacuum and put it to good use, follow these simple instructions to clean out the dust cup:

  1. Ensure that your Ryobi handheld vacuum is powered down before you begin.
  2. Locate the release button connecting the dust cup to the vacuum. This should be located on the top of the device where the collection cup fits onto the vacuum’s end. 
  3. Press the button and pull the dust cup down and away from the vacuum.
  4. Completely empty the collected refuse into the nearest trash bin, wiping dust and water from inside with a clean, dry towel.
  5. Slide the dust collection cup back onto the vacuum, making sure to align the release button with its connection slot.
  6. When you hear the cup click into place, you’re set to get back to work.

That process should cover most of the handheld vacuums in the Ryobi lineup. Nonetheless, it’s always wise to consult your Ryobi operator’s manual to ensure you are using and cleaning your device properly. 

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