How To Spoof Pokemon Go Without Jailbreak 2024 [Still Works]

An update addressed the issue on June 7th and made changing your location in the game challenging. You might have noted an error message, “Unable to detect current location 12.” There’s a solution for how to spoof Pokemon Go! The Tenorshare iAnyGo team solved this problem. Their app, iAnyGo, allows spoofing the location on iPhones and Androids without jailbreak or root.

This will enable you to move around in the game or capture Pokemon that do not exist in your region. iAnyGo has been designed to be easy to use. You can choose a place on the map to teleport, create a walking route, or control the character’s movement with a joystick as you would in any game.

Updated Method to Spoof Pokemon Go without Jailbreak!

Are you wondering how to spoof in Pokémon GO? iAnyGo has a solution partnering with PoGo Wizard! This combination allows you to relocate Pokemon Go and does not interfere with Error 12.  Currently, PoGo wizard has been developed to Beta4 version, which is very stable. Testers have not encountered any account ban during use. This is the best method to spoof Pokemon Go. Next, follow these steps to spoof your location in Pokemon Go:

Step 1: Download iAnyGo

Visit iAnyGo’s official website and download the program for your computer. Make sure you get it from a trusted source.

Step 2: Get PoGo Wizard (For Paid Users Only)

If you bought iAnyGo, you could get a unique tool called PoGo Wizard. To get it, join the PoGo_Club Discord community (you might find the link on iAnyGo’s website). Once you’re in, look for instructions on downloading PoGo Wizard.

Step 3: Install PoGo Wizard and Special Pokemon Go App

Once you have PoGo Wizard, follow the instructions on your screen to install it on your computer. You might also need to install a different version of Pokemon Go on your device using PoGo Wizard. Remember, using programs not approved by Pokemon Go can be dangerous, so be careful.

Step 4: Play with Your New Location!

After everything is set up, open iAnyGo on your computer and change your location in Pokemon Go. This should help you avoid Error 12 and let you virtually teleport within the game (but be aware that location spoofing can be risky).


  • Fix the “Can’t find location” error and move your character freely.
  • Explore the Pokemon Go world from anywhere without leaving home.
  • Play Pokemon Go more smoothly by avoiding location problems.
  • (Paid only) PoGo Wizard lets you do more cool location tricks.
  • Tenorshare helps you if you have any issues (good customer service).


  • You might need to pay for iAnyGo to change your location in Pokemon Go.
  • Using PoGo Wizard and location tools could get you banned from the game.
  • Downloading unknown software might make your device unsafe.

Other Recommended Methods to Spoof Pokemon Go Now

Spoofing in Pokemon Go means moving your character throughout the game without actually moving yourself physically. This might be interesting for players who wish to catch specific Pokemon in specific locations or join various events occurring in different countries. Here are some techniques for Pokemon Go spoofer ios and Android:

1. Mock Locations (For Android Only)

This spoof Pokemon Go Android method uses a function found pre-installed in Android phones known as ‘Mock Locations.’ It makes you select a Pokemon Go fake GPS site for your device that convinces the game that you are in that location. These are general procedures, and procedures may vary depending on your phone model and the version of Android used.

  • Find “About Phone” in your phone’s settings menu. Tap it, then tap “Build Number” quickly seven times. This turns on Developer Options.
  • Returning to Settings, tap “System” then “Developer Options.” Look for “Mock Location” or “Select mock location app.”
  • Pick a reliable mock location app from the list. These apps let you choose the fake GPS location you want.
  • Once you’ve chosen your app, please turn on the switch next to it to activate Mock Locations.
  • Open Pokemon Go and enjoy your spoofed location!

2. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, hides your internet traffic and sends it through a remote server in a different location. This can trick Pokemon Go into thinking you’re wherever the VPN server is. Here’s a simple explanation of how VPNs can be used for location spoofing:

  • Pick a good VPN service. Look for a trusted VPN provider with servers where you want your Pokemon Go character to appear. Free VPNs often have limits and might not work well for spoofing.
  • Download and install the VPN app following the provider’s instructions.
  • Open the VPN app and connect to a server where you want your Pokemon Go character to be.
  • Launch Pokemon Go and see if your location has changed. Suppose you’re connected to the VPN server; open Pokemon Go and see if your character’s location matches the VPN server’s location.

Remember: While VPNs offer some security and privacy, their success for Pokemon Go location spoofing can be unreliable. Some VPNs might not be suitable for spoofing, and Pokemon Go can sometimes detect VPN use and stop you from playing. A VPN can also slow down your internet connection, making Pokemon Go less fun.

Some Tips to Spoof Location on Pokemon Go

  •  Follow the Cooldown Rule

Many spoofing methods trick Pokemon Go into thinking you’re somewhere else. It works, but there’s a twist! Areas in Pokemon Go have invisible borders. You hit a cooldown if you spoof too fast or travel unrealistic distances. This means waiting before catching Pokemon or spinning Pokestops. The wait time depends on how far you virtually traveled. Generally, wait a few hours after spoofing before playing again. This helps avoid getting caught by Pokemon Go’s security.

Spoofing might seem fun, but there are dangers! Pokemon Go has rules against using unknown apps or changing settings to spoof. If they catch you, they might suspend or even ban your account. This means losing all your progress, including rare Pokemon and items you’ve collected. Also, some spoofing apps can harm your device or steal your information. Think carefully about the risks before spoofing. Read about it on our Full Guide: How to Fly in Pokemon Go.

  • Enjoy Global Go Fest Events (Safer Way)

Pokemon Go often has special events called “Go Fest.” These events feature rare Pokemon, particular tasks, and excellent rewards. Go Fest events used to require traveling to specific places. But with new features, players can now enjoy Go Fest from anywhere! Special bonuses might be available during these events, allowing you to catch rare Pokemon and complete tasks without spoofing.


Now you know how to spoof Pokemon Go. iAnyGo with PoGo Wizard is the best way to enjoy Pokemon GO without limits. This easy-to-use tool lets you change your location in the game without anyone knowing. So you can catch all the Pokémon you want, wherever they are. With iAnyGo and PoGo Wizard, becoming a top Pokémon GO trainer is just a click away!

Hot FAQ About How to Spoof Pokemon Go

1. Can you still spoof in Pokemon Go?

Yes, some tools still make spoofing possible, but it’s not officially supported.

2. Is spoofing risky in Pokemon Go?

Spoofing in Pokemon Go is risky. You can be banned for changing your location in the game.

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