How to Stop People from Adding you to Telegram Groups/Channels

Being free and with so many users using the app, it’s quite evident Telegram has some level of spam. For example, if you often give up your phone number on social networking sites or online services, you may get added to Telegram groups or channels now and then.

Many users have recently complained about getting added to random groups and channels. If you face the same problem with your Telegram account, continue reading the article. Below, we have shared some of the best ways to stop people from adding you to a Telegram group or channel.

1. Change the Telegram Groups & Channels Privacy

The easiest way to stop people from adding you to telegram groups or channels is to change the app’s Groups & Channels privacy setting.

There’s an option in the app that lets you set who can add you to the Telegram groups & channels. Here’s what you need to do.

1. First, open the Telegram app on your phone.

2. When the Telegram app opens, tap on the hamburger menu at the top-left corner.

hamburger menuhamburger menu

3. On the menu that appears, select Settings.


4. Now, tap Privacy and Security on the Settings screen.

Privacy and SecurityPrivacy and Security

5. Next, on the Privacy and Security screen, scroll down and tap Groups & Channels.

Groups & ChannelsGroups & Channels

6. Select Nobody On the Groups & Channels to prevent everyone from adding you to Telegram group chats or Channels.


7. You must select the My contacts option to allow only your saved contacts to add you to Groups & Channels.

My contactsMy contacts

This is the easiest way to prevent people from adding you to Telegram groups or channels.

2. Block the User

If you don’t want to change Groups & Channels privacy settings, blocking the user is the next best option to prevent Telegram spam.

Here, you need to find out the user who’s adding you to the Telegram groups or channels. Once you find the user, you need to block them.

Blocking will prevent the user from adding you to random Telegram groups. Also, this will remove you from the groups or channels the user has created. Here’s how to block a user on Telegram.

1. Open the Telegram app on your phone and select Settings.


2. On the Settings screen, tap on Privacy and Security.

Privacy and SecurityPrivacy and Security

3. Next, on the Privacy and Security screen, tap on the Blocked users.

Blocked usersBlocked users

4. On the Blocked users’ screen, tap on the Block user.

Block userBlock user

5. Pick the contact you want to block and tap the Block user option on the confirmation prompt.

Block userBlock user

You must repeat the same steps to block every user who spams your Telegram account by adding you to random or irrelevant groups or channels.

3. Change your Telegram Username

Like social networking platforms, Telegram assigns a unique identifier to your account known as ‘Username’. With a Telegram username, other users can find and connect with you.

If spammers have your Telegram username, you will occasionally receive business messages. You will also be added to Telegram spam groups/channels more often without permission.

Since you can’t prevent spammers from doing their job, the best you can do is to change the Telegram username and never share the new one in spam-filled resources. Here’s how to change Telegram username.

1. First, open the Telegram app and select Settings.


2. On Settings, tap on the username.


3. Set the new username of your choice and tap on the checkmark icon at the top-right corner.


The new username will be set. Don’t share your new username again on the sources inviting spam.

4. Hide Your Phone Number

Group administrators can add you to their groups using your cell phone number. This is just another way of adding you to Telegram groups or channels.

You can prevent such actions by hiding your phone number on Telegram. In this way, your phone number won’t be visible to any users, preventing random additions to groups or channels.

Hide Your Phone NumberHide Your Phone Number

  • Open the Telegram app on your device.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left and select Settings.
  • On the Settings, select Privacy and Security.
  • On the next screen, tap on your Phone number.
  • On the Why can see my phone number field, select Nobody.

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These are the best ways to stop people from adding you to the Telegram group or channels. If you want to suggest any other way to prevent spam on Telegram, let us know in the comments. If you find this article helpful, remember to share it with others dealing with the same problem.

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