Infamous iOS 17.5 Bug Is Even Downloading Photos To Old, Often Sold, Devices

Apple’s iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 software updates have been around for a few days now and there is an increasing number of people reporting a strange and worrying situation in which they are seeing deleted photos return to their devices.

And in some cases, the photos are being redownloaded even though they are no longer signed into the same Apple ID.

The most obvious situation where that could happen is when an old iPhone or iPad has been sold and is now being used by someone else. In those instances, people are reporting that some of their deleted photos are being downloaded onto that same device even after it has been signed into someone else’s Apple ID.

One Reddit user explained that they sold an iPad Pro only to find that the old photos were redownloaded afterward.

I wiped the iPad using official Apple guides before selling. I never logged into that iPad with my Apple ID after erasing the iPad. I sold my iPad to a friend in September 2023, they called me today after updating to iPad OS 17.5 and said my old pictures appeared in their Photos app… HUGE PRIVACY VIOLATION. I see other reports of this. How many people will get other people’s photos on the devices they bought from other people?

It isn’t yet clear how that could happen, or indeed if it actually did, but the potential is worrying. Apple has yet to comment on the situation but we have to assume that these reports are being investigated to try and figure out what, if anything, has gone wrong.

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