Meizu is preparing to unveil 5 surprise new smartphones, will not leave the market

The long-established smartphone company Meizu continues to make phones. While Meizu didn’t achieve high sales globally, it is still a strong player in the Chinese market. Lately, the rumors have swirled around Meizu’s potential departure from the smartphone industry and a shift towards AI-focused products. While the company hasn’t released a phone since these rumors emerged, the upcoming launch of the Meizu 21 Note suggests otherwise.

The reason behind these rumors actually lies in the words of Meizu CEO Shen Ziyu, who declared the company’s transition from a “smartphone company” to an “ecological group.” This statement led many to believe that Meizu was abandoning smartphone production. However, it appears that Meizu is not ready to give up on smartphones just yet. Our database reveals the existence of four new Meizu phones in addition to the upcoming Meizu 21 Note.

Meizu doesn’t quit smartphone business: 5 new phones to come up

We’ve discovered 5 different smartphones from Meizu in our database. The model numbers of the newly phones appearing in our database are: M411H, M411L, M412H, M421Q, and M431Q. Unfortunately, our recent findings don’t reveal anything about the specs of the phones. However, we know that Meizu is working on four different smartphone models. Meizu’s recent phones might not be camera champions, but they shine with stunning displays and powerful processors.

Based on Meizu’s earlier models, all four new phones are likely to boast top-of-the-line specs. Meizu stopped releasing midranger devices lately but they could come up with some new midrangers as well. Our recent discovery on the database ensures that Meizu will continue staying in the smartphone industry at full throttle.

We assume that the Meizu 21 Note will be a quite powerful phone. It won’t quite match the top-of-the-line Meizu 21 Pro. But the future Mezu 21 Note will still be a powerful phone. Meizu used to focus on the mid-range market more frequently, but lately, they’ve shifted their focus towards premium devices. This is reflected in the Meizu 20 and 21 series, where all phones boast high-end Snapdragon 8 Gen chipsets. It’s unclear what the official names of these four new phones will be, but one thing’s for sure: Meizu seems committed to delivering premium hardware experiences, even if it means releasing fewer devices overall.

So, we know Meizu is working on 5 different upcoming smartphones. While the specs and launch date remain are a mystery, the existence of these phones suggests Meizu hasn’t completely ditched smartphones. It’s possible that Meizu might focus on releasing fewer phones in the future, potentially allocating more resources towards AI-powered products, since the CEO states they’re transforming their company.

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