Microsoft releases KB5039302 update to fix the Windows 11 Snipping Tool, restore the Show Desktop button, and more

Windows 11 screen with reflection

Microsoft has released a preview version of next month’s KB5039302 update for Windows 11. Although there are no security fixes, the update addresses a number of problems such as distorted audio in Snipping Tool recording and issues with ejecting USB devices.

This update also sees the welcome return of the Show Desktop button in the taskbar and brings new TAR and 7-Zip creation options to the context menu of File Explorer. But there’s much more too.

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With the KB5039302 update, Microsoft is making the various fixes available to everyone who installs it. This means that in addition to the problems with Snipping Tool audio and USB device ejection, issues with Japanese special character entry are also fixed.

There are also a number of changes and new features which are rolling out gradually, so if you install the update and don’t see everything listed below, this is why. Microsoft draws attention to the following highlights:

  • New! This update adds a new Game Pass recommendation card on the Settings home page. This home page shows on Home and Pro editions when you sign in to Windows using your Microsoft account. The card appears if you actively play games on your PC.
  • New! The show desktop button is on the taskbar again by default. To change this, right-click the taskbar and choose Taskbar settings. At the lower part of the page, you will find Taskbar behaviors
  • New! This update affects File Explorer. You can now create 7-Zip and Tape Archive (TAR) files using the context menu. When you right-click a file, a Compress to item gives you ways to compress a file using tools like gzip, bzip2, and more. There is also a new compression wizard in Additional options. It will help you choose more formats and add details. You can use different types of compression to add many files to archives in other TAR formats. You can also change the compression level and choose the types of data to store in each archive.
  • New! This update adds support for Emoji 15.1. Windows supports Unicode symbol-like shapes for family groupings. But Windows will keep using people for them. Also, you can choose the right or left facing direction for some people emoji. The new emoji are:
    • Horizontal and vertical head shake
    • Phoenix
    • Lime
    • Brown mushroom
    • Broken chain
  • New! You can now copy files from the Windows Share window. Just click the new Copy button.
  • New! This update starts the rollout of the new account manager on the Start menu. When you use a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows, you will get a glance at your account benefits. This feature also makes it easy to manage your account settings.
  • New! This update makes it easier to see when you have selected files or folders in File Explorer. Because of this change, a thin, black border now appears around the item you have selected.

There are numerous other notable changes in the update, including improvements to the Virtual Filtering Platform (VFP) within Windows nodes.

A full list of fixes, changes and additions in the KB5039302 update can be found here.

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