News Corp. signs deal with OpenAI to provide news content


A previous version of this story contained a photo showing the Daily Telegraph of London, which is not owned by News Corp. News Corp. owns the Daily Telegraph of Sydney, Australia. The photo has been changed.

News Corp., the multinational news publisher controlled by the Murdoch family, announced Wednesday it will allow artificial intelligence company OpenAI to show its news content when people ask questions in ChatGPT, adding to the parade of news organizations signing content deals with the fast-growing AI company.

News Corp. and OpenAI did not share commercial terms of the deal, but the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by News Corp., reported that the deal “could be” worth more than $250 million over five years, which would include cash payments and credits for using OpenAI’s technology. It’s unclear exactly how News Corp.’s content would be presented on ChatGPT, but an OpenAI spokesperson said it would include links to the company’s news sites. A person familiar with the deal said the news content would only show up on OpenAI’s platforms after a delay.

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