Ningbo Short Film Debuts In New Zealand, 2024 Ningbo City Image Exhibition Successfully Closed

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the 2024 Ningbo City Image Exhibition was held at the Miramar Creative Centre in Wellington, New Zealand. The city image film “Ningbo” as well as six short films created by Chinese directors, including “Lost In Count”, “What You Can’t See”, “Where do Ants sleep at Night”, “Graveyard of Horses”, were shown on site. Topics such as intimacy, women, man and nature, and artificial intelligence were explored, showcasing China’s beautiful grasslands, the current state of contemporary life and traditional culture.

The screening was jointly curated by 30°Ningbo Short Film Festival and the New Zealand Showtime Short Film Festival, and it was also the first time that Ningbo’s selected short films appeared in New Zealand! The venue attracted local film professionals, Victoria University film students, and New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF) curators. The six short films screened left a deep impression on the audience with unique style and profound themes. The short film “Lost In Count” gave people a strong sense of impact, letting the audience feel the spirit of never give up on sports and competition. The short film “What You Can’t See” is thought-provoking with its strong sense of picture and storyline. The short film “Graveyard of Horses” is a deep meditation on the subtle connection between women, animals and nature. At the end of the screening, the creators shared their behind-the-scenes stories and creative ideas with the audience in the form of a VCR. In the post-screening session, Lulu, a filmmaker from China, and Gina, Chairperson of Showme Short Film Festival, discussed “How to Find Inspiration and Transform it into Visual Storytelling”.

Gina said she was glad to see that many New Zealanders love Chinese films, and hoped that this event could help people better understand China and bring the two peoples closer together. She also hopes to welcome more friends to go to China to have a walk, have a look and experience the beauty of China for themselves.

As the New Zealand stop of the overseas tour of the 2024 Ningbo City Image Exhibition, this event uses film and television as a bridge to dig deeper into the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The search for transnational emotional common factors and the realisation of Chinese stories to the world’s culture is a path that contemporary filmmakers are constantly exploring.


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