OLED iPad mini may not land until 2026

Apple iPad mini 6

Consumers may have to wait until 2026 before they can buy a new iPad mini — and it may have a brand new display.

Apple has not updated the iPad mini for a considerable amount of time. However, an update may not be arriving anytime soon.

According to ZDNet Korea via Naver, Samsung Display has started to develop a new display for the iPad mini. It has already developed samples which it reportedly sent to Apple in April.

Furthermore, the display could end up getting a major upgrade. Those samples are reportedly OLED, making it equal to the iPad Pro line’s screens.

Samsung’s target for mass production is apparently as early as the second half of 2025. If true, this could result in an early 2026 release at best.

While ZDNet is a known publication, ZDNet Korea does not have a track record that we can use to determine whether this is likely or unlikely to happen.

There have been other regulatory filings in October that hinted at a potential iPad mini launch. Such filings usually mean a launch will happen soon, making a multi-year wait unlikely. Add in that the sixth-gen iPad mini was released in September 2021, a five-year gap seems very implausible for a well-loved product.

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