Pixel 7 Pro at $399 Better Than Pixel 8a

Google’s latest phone, the Pixel 8a, is an enticing “mid-range” phone at $499. However, what happens when you can get a flagship-level device for $100 cheaper? That’s the current scenario for Pixel buyers, with 2022’s Pixel 7 Pro currently marked down to a ridiculous $399.

Currently over on Woot, you can snag Google’s previous generation of flagship device for $500 off its current listed price on the Google Store (listed at $899). These are brand new phones, not refurbished, recertified, or anything like that. The units are unlocked, available in either Snow, Obsidian, or the ever sexy Hazel color option. Woot even has the 512GB models for as low as $469.

You can compare models via Google right here. While the Pixel 8a comes with a newer Tensor chipset, the Pixel 7 Pro continues to offer a higher resolution display, larger battery, better IP rating, Battery Share, plus a few other features. If you aren’t concerned with having the absolute latest phone from Google, this is a great deal.

Follow the link below to snag one.

Woot! Link

Cheers Sean!

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