Play2Earn 2024: Telegram Mining Games with Token Airdrops

After the viral success of Notcoin, a number of Web3 projects launched mini-games on Telegram, where you can “mine” virtual currency. Unlike the previous generation of Play2Earn games, projects like Catizen attract players not with rewards in tokens and NFTs, but with the opportunity to receive an airdrop of future tokens. We will tell you about such games.

Revolution Play2Earn – airdrops of games and wallets on Telegram

Play2Earn games will remain popular in 2024, but the structure of this segment has changed significantly. Games where you need to collect and cross NFT animals, like Axie Infinity, have replaced games in the format of Telegram bots, where in order to “mine” coins, you just need to click.

The potential of this format was demonstrated by the Notcoin project, which already has more than 35 million users. Initially, the project did not have a token on the blockchain, as well as a mechanism for real earnings, but after the launch of the $NOT cryptocurrency, 90% of the tokens were distributed among players who mined virtual coins.

In this review, Betechwise looked at the best crypto games of 2024 that combine a blockchain token (or plans to release one) and a Telegram bot. Token airdrops for many of these projects have not yet begun, so you have time to play and accumulate virtual currency.

The mechanics of all games are almost the same:

  1. Follow the link to the gaming bot.
  2. Click the Play button.
  3. Allow the bot to connect your Telegram account to the game.
  4. Click and accumulate virtual coins.
  5. Connect a blockchain wallet to the bot (not necessarily right away).
  6. If you wish, pay for premium features (earning speed boosters, etc.) using real cryptocurrency.
  7. Wait for the airdrop.

To turn virtual currency earned in games into real tokens, you will need to connect a crypto wallet, usually for the TON blockchain – either the built-in TON Connect wallet, or an application like Tonkeeper or MyTonWallet. You will also need to add cryptocurrency to your wallet to pay for gas. To do this, you can buy TON coins on a centralized exchange and send them to your non-custodial TON wallet.

Important! Do not fall for the tricks of scammers – there are many sites on the Internet with fake airdrops, which, under the pretext of instructions, redirect to fake pages for connecting a wallet (supposedly to receive a drop). Interacting with such pages may result in the loss of all funds from your wallet.

Best Telegram Crypto Games With the Withdrawal of Real Money

1. Hamster Kombat

How to mine?

The goal of the game is to reach the level of a seasoned crypto-CEO from the initial level of a novice hamster. The gameplay is quite monotonous: you need to click on the image of a hamster (1 click = 1 coin). To move from level 1 to level 2 you need to collect 5,000 coins. True, profit boosters are also available, which can be obtained using simple actions: subscribe to Hamster Kombat on Telegram, invite 3 friends, etc. In addition, bonus coins can be obtained by logging into the game every day.

To start the game, follow the link.

Hamster KombatHamster Kombat

When is the airdrop?

The release date of the token and the start of the airdrop have not yet been announced as at the time of writing this article. It is also unknown by what indicator the size of the airdrop will be calculated: by the total balance of game coins or by profit per hour. Judging by the information in the mini-app itself, an additional list of tasks for airdrop participants will be published.

2. MDAO Wallet

MDAO Wallet is not a game, but a custodial wallet from the MarsDAO team for Telegram and the Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin and BNB Chain blockchains. However, the mini-app includes the game Zavod, where you can earn virtual ZP tokens.

How to play

The miner automatically generates coins, but they must be withdrawn regularly, otherwise they will stop accumulating. The higher the level, the less frequently you need to collect coins, but to increase the level you must first accumulate ZP. In addition, you can use the “Workbench” to increase your mining speed.

The game has a referral program with a 20% reward for inviting friends, as well as “trade unions” where you can join and receive an increasing coefficient for the miner.

To start the game, follow the link.

MDAO WalletMDAO Wallet

When is the airdrop?

So far, the airdrop has not been officially announced and nothing concrete is known about it, however, the Mars DAO community suggests that the $ZP token will still be released and will give holders advantages when using the wallet and other products from the same team.

3. Blum

Blum is a crypto trading app with support for 30+ blockchains. The new Blum mini-app for Telegram allows you to farm Blum Points.

How to mine?

The bot will ask you to create an account by entering your email address, after which the Start Farming button will become available. You can simply wait and watch your balance grow little by little, or get more points by clicking on Play. Even more bonus points are available in the Tasks section for completing tasks such as subscribing to Blum channels. In addition, you can invite friends and receive a referral reward of 10% of all points they accumulate in the game.

To start the game, follow the link.


When is the airdrop?

The airdrop has not yet been announced, but the very appearance of a game with points farming is a good indicator that sooner or later the token will be launched.

4. Catizen

A platform with 10+ mini-games in the “hyper-casual” genre, including a game for Telegram in the “play to airdrop” format with more than 100,000 daily users.

Catizen received official support from the TON Foundation and took first place on the leaderboard of the 3rd season of The Open League competition program. For the victory, the team received a prize of $160,000, so you can expect many new games and surprises from the “cats on Telegram”.

To start the game, follow the link.


How to mine?

After joining the Catizen bot, click Play to connect to the gaming platform. Click Generate to create a new cat. Next, follow the prompts on the screen: move and cross cats to increase their level, earn in-game currency and get upgrades.

When is the airdrop?

Upgrade banners periodically appear in the game, through which you can connect a TON wallet and become an on-chain user. The Catizen $CATI token has not yet been released, but it has been announced that 35% of the $CATI tokens will be distributed to active players. To increase your chances, it is also worth keeping an eye on the Mine section, where new profitable farming pools may appear.

The game is free, but in order to earn more virtual coins, you will have to activate boosters for real money (TON or NOT).

5. PixelTap by Pixelverse

PixelTap is part of the larger GameFi project, and is also one of the few mining games on Telegram that features battles in the gameplay.

How to mine and take part in battles

You can simply mine coins in the Earn tab, but you can also try to earn more by winning in the arena. Battles take place between small robots, and your character will be entry-level, with low strength, attack and health.

To win, you need to click on the enemy very quickly. When you win, you are awarded coins, and when you lose, your coin balance is reduced. Since the opponent is usually stronger, it will be difficult to win, but you can increase the chances of success by paying for an upgrade in coins: 5,000 to Level 2, 20,000 to Level 3, and so on. The game also has a referral program with its own leaderboard.

To start the game, follow the link.


When is the airdrop?

Some Pixelverse tweets are accompanied by the hashtags #Airdrop and $PIXFI, which means that the project has confirmed the fact of the airdrop, but the dates have not yet been announced.

6. MemeFi


MemeFi is a Telegram bot game where users click on the screen to earn in-game currency. Based on the TON blockchain and supports PvP/PvE mechanics, allowing you to fight against Al or other players, as well as create characters and form clans. In the game, each click deals damage to the enemy, takes energy from the player and earns a coin. Defeating the boss brings bonuses, and in the Boosters section, you can improve your character’s characteristics.

To start the game, follow the link.

When is the airdrop date for MemeFi?

There isn’t a specific airdrop date for Memefi announced yet. However, the project launch, which includes the airdrop, is expected around the end of July or early August 2024 (according to several sources).

In the meantime, you can potentially earn Memefi tokens through their ongoing airdrop and mining process (details likely on their official channels).

7. TapSwap


TapSwap is a crypto-game in the clicker or tapping genre. Similar to other similar projects of this kind. Provides the ability to use boosters, invite friends, complete tasks and track your statistics. Active users will be able to count on a drop of the TAP token on the Solana blockchain network.

When is the airdrop date for TapSwap?

There wasn’t an official airdrop for Tapswap, but there was a planned token launch with potential rewards for active players.

Here’s what we know:

  • The token launch was initially planned for July but might have been rescheduled.
  • There were talks of a “Taps pool” launching on May 30th, 2024, but it’s unclear if this was related to the token launch or airdrop rewards.

Unfortunately, reliable sources don’t mention a confirmed airdrop date. You can try checking Tapswap’s official channels for any updates on the token launch or potential airdrop rewards.

8. Mnemonics


Mnemonics is one of the fastest-growing play-to-earn games on Telegram. In just a few days, it’s already surpassed 100k, 200k, and 300k users at an incredible pace. Although, it has some red flags. Here’s what you should know:

Red flags:

  • Unclear gameplay: It’s difficult to understand exactly how the game works from descriptions.
  • Focus on wallets and speeds: The emphasis seems to be on acquiring wallets and using battery life or “energy tokens” for faster results, which isn’t typical gameplay.
  • Lack of clear information: There’s no official website or clear details about earning or what the “bills” or “views” translate to in terms of rewards.

How to play (with caution):

According to online videos, here’s a basic idea (but proceed with caution):

  1. Join the Mnemonics Telegram group (use at your own risk).
  2. Use a bot to “activate” a wallet with a seed phrase (be very careful not to share your actual crypto wallet seed phrase).
  3. Choose a speed for the wallet (basic is free, but faster speeds require an “energy token”).
  4. You supposedly earn “bills” or “views” which might translate to rewards (unclear what those rewards are).

Airdrop date:

There’s no confirmed airdrop date mentioned in reliable sources. Airdrops are often used to attract players, but with the red flags mentioned, it’s uncertain if or when one might happen.


Due to the red flags, it’s advisable to do more research before investing time or money in Mnemonics. Consider searching for reviews from trusted sources that aren’t promoting the game. You might be better off looking for other play-to-earn games with a more established reputation.

9. SpunkySDX

SpunkySDX is involved in two main areas:

  • Cryptocurrency security: They offer a tool called SpunkySDX-Smart Crypto Asset Tracking Solution (S-SCATS) which uses AI to track stolen cryptocurrency across multiple blockchains. This can be helpful if you’re worried about your crypto assets being stolen.
  • Meme coin: SDX is also a meme coin, a type of cryptocurrency that is often based on internet jokes or memes.

Spunky has onboarded over 400k users and counting since it went live in less than a month. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a fast-growing project. Follow the link to start mining.

10. NEAR Wallet

A non-custodial wallet for the NEAR blockchain in the Telegram bot format, with an existing $HOT token, with which you can pay commissions. In just two days from the start of mining, the number of wallet users reached 200,000.

near walletnear wallet

How to mine?

First of all, you need to create a new wallet (Open Wallet option) on the NEAR network, after which the Claim button will become available. The mining speed is 0.01 HOT per hour, after which the tokens must be removed from the storage and the process must be started again. The first few mining cycles can be done without commission, after which you will need to pay for gas in NEAR or HOT (the latter option is more expensive).

To maximize your income in HOT, you can invite friends (20% referral income) or purchase boosters (for HOT), which increase mining speed and storage capacity.

To start the game, follow the link.

When is the airdrop?

Since the HOT token already exists, we can assume that the airdrop is in progress. The NEAR team does not specify whether they plan to end the mining campaign sooner or later.

11. XBlast

XBlast is an application on the new L2 blockchain Blast (rollup for Ethereum), and now also on TON.

How to mine?

The process of mining XBL is approximately the same as that of HOT: 0.10 XBL will accumulate in an hour, after which they need to be removed from the storage (branded). In the first version, users mined the wXBL token, which can be exchanged for $XBL in a ratio of 1 to 1. Bonuses for subscribing to channels are also available.

To start the game, follow the link.


When is the airdrop?

The $XBL token has already been released on the TON blockchain, and the new version of the xBlast v2 application was launched on May 19th. A special campaign will last until June 8, where you can complete 15 tasks and get a free more efficient “machine” that can convert 100 wXBL (tokens on Blast) into XBL on TON.

12. is a platform for gamified social trading. The project already has 4 working game modes, a large community and a detailed airdrop plan for $XYRO.

How to mine

Instead of passively mining virtual coins, players are encouraged to collect points and improve their positions in the overall leaderboard. The bot allows you to complete daily quests and invite friends to the platform. Before this, you need to subscribe to the official channel on Telegram.

To start the game, follow the link.


When is the airdrop?

Stage 1 of the airdrop is officially underway, with a prize pool of $100,000. At least three new stages have also been announced, although the $XYRO token has not yet been released. In any case, competition for positions on the leaderboard promises to be tough.

13. Iceberg

Iceberg is a new comprehensive solution for Web3 users, which will include a calendar, notes, task scheduler, content management system, etc. The application itself is not yet available, but there is already a mini-app in Telegram where you can farm points. According to the project itself, in the first three weeks of the Iceberg Play bot’s operation, 1 million users joined it.

How to mine

Once connected to the bot, click Play and then the Start Farming button. Points can be awarded every 6 hours. Additional points can be obtained in the Task section – just subscribe to the project channels. Attention: if you do not subscribe, your points balance will automatically be reset.

The mini-app also has a referral system: recently I randomly selected 100 people who invited 10 friends and awarded each of them 10,000 points.

To start the game, follow the link.


When is the airdrop?

The Iceberg farming campaign is actively promoted on social networks, but the project itself has not yet officially announced anything about the airdrop.

14. WatPoints by Gamee

Gamee is the largest gaming platform on Telegram with an audience of over 80 million players. The project has its own GMEE token, as well as the Wat Protocol rewards program with virtual WatPoints.

How to mine

Before interacting with the bot, you need to join the @gameechannel and @WatBird channels. Next, already in the bot, select the Mine mini-game and click on Start Mining. The points you have mined will be automatically awarded at the end of the campaign, at which time you will need to create an account with the Wat Protocol.

To mine more points per hour, you need to invite friends to the game, stake GMEE tokens or complete tasks (play various games in the bot, connect a wallet, etc.).

To start the game, follow the link.

WatPoints by GameeWatPoints by Gamee

When is the airdrop?

The Gamee project has not yet announced an airdrop; the team only wrote that WatPoints will be valuable, but that the creators prefer to keep the details secret. This suggests an airdrop, but its date is unknown.

15. Time Farm

Time Farm is a game on Telegram where you can earn rewards by interacting with the bot. It’s categorized as a “tap to earn” game, though, unlike some other games, there isn’t a constant tapping mechanic. Here’s the gist of how it works:

  1. You activate your farm within the Time Farm bot.
  2. Over time, points accumulate. It’s recommended to claim your points every 4 hours for optimal results.
  3. You can also earn additional rewards by inviting friends to play.
  4. There may be bonus points offered in certain Telegram groups that are compatible with Time Farm.
  5. The in-game currency is called SECOND tokens. The value and convertibility of these tokens are uncertain. While some information suggests future uses for the tokens, it’s important to be aware that these types of games can be volatile.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Earning Potential: Don’t expect to get rich playing Time Farm. While it offers a way to earn some tokens for minimal effort, the actual value you get out of it is likely to be low.
  • Security: Be cautious about any prompts from the bot or links it may share. Since Telegram games are a relatively new phenomenon, it’s a good idea to be on guard against scams.
  • Sustainability: The longevity of games like Time Farm is uncertain. These games can be dependent on the value of the tokens and the interest of the player base.

If you’re looking for a way to pass some time on Telegram and potentially earn a small reward, Time Farm might be worth checking out. Just approach it with caution and be realistic about what you can expect to earn.

Where to look for new promising crypto games on Telegram

To search for crypto games on Telegram, including those based on the TON blockchain, you can use several different sources. Some of them:

  • Website: This is a platform where applications developed on the TON blockchain are collected. There are categories for games and gambling, and links to bots, if any, are immediately provided.
  • Crypto wallets: Some TON wallets have built-in dApps browsers that allow you to view and interact with decentralized applications, including games. Examples – MyTONwallet, Tonkeeper.
  • Thematic expert ratings: Specialized sites regularly publish ratings and reviews of crypto games based on analysis and user reviews.
  • Forums and communities: Joining Bitcointalk, Reddit (subreddits related to crypto games or the TON blockchain) can help you get up-to-date information about new games and trends.
  • Social networks and media platforms: Subscribing to social networks such as X, YouTube, and Telegram channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies can help keep track of what’s new in the world of Play-to-Earn.

Many websites and platforms offer newsletter subscriptions that regularly update subscribers on the latest news and developments.


Mining games on Telegram attract hundreds of thousands of airdrop seekers and P2E fans because they are completely free to play – no need to buy NFTs or spend money on blockchain fees. The popularity of this trend is due to the huge success of Notcoin, and it is not yet known how long mining games will remain relevant and whether their tokens will have any value – but it is worth a try, because you have nothing to lose except time except you are Doctor Strange ;).

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