Samsung Smacks $1,440 Off Galaxy Z Fold 6 Pre-Orders

As a part of the Samsung reserve system for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6, Samsung is informing some customers of the total savings they’ll receive once pre-orders open. They initially gave us a vague $1,500+ number, but emails telling folks to “Reserve now. Save later.” have broken out the exact savings from each area.

In our initial write-up of the $1,500 number, we guessed that Samsung would give you at least $1,000 for trades and up to$150 as a value for a double-storage promo. As it turns out, Samsung is going higher on both numbers.

Here’s the breakdown of that full $1,500+ number that gets you the best Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deal.

$1,200 TRADES FOR GALAXY FOLD 6: An email from Samsung suggests you could get up to $1,200 with an eligible trade-in for pre-ordering a Galaxy Z Fold 6. While we don’t know for sure, the likelihood of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra being the only devices to fetch that number are pretty high. There is a chance others will get you there, though. For Fold 5 pre-orders, Samsung offered a full trade-in price for several devices.

$240 DOUBLE STORAGE FREEBIE: Samsung is also going to double storage for you and that is apparently valued at $240. Does that mean a bump from 512GB to 1TB? Typically a bump from 256GB to 512GB is not worth $240 and typically only costs anywhere from $100 to $150. We’ll watch the storage options closely, but this could be a really big value add.

FREE SAMSUNG CARE+: As an added bonus ($156 value), Samsung might toss in Samsung Care+ for 12 months, which means more protection for your foldable device. Care+ offers you unlimited repairs, same-day cracked screens for $29, coverage for theft and loss, access to 24/7 support, and more. This could be a sneaky good service to have that most of us would rather not have to pay for.

Of course, all of this starts with a reservation, where Samsung is giving you $50 for sharing your name and email.

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