Samsung Smacks $870 Off Galaxy S24 Ultra

We’ve reached that point in the US smartphone cycle where nothing at the high-end feels that new, yet we know that there could be new stuff here shortly to tease us. So what do we do today if we want a phone and don’t feel like waiting for whatever comes next? We run over to Samsung’s store to see what the best Galaxy S24 Ultra deal is at the moment, because there is almost always something going on there.

The latest in Samsung deals smacks $870 off the Galaxy S24 Ultra (our review), thanks to their still-solid trade-in values and a free upgrade in storage to 512GB. We see this deal often, but it still hits.

What’s the deal: This current Galaxy S24 Ultra deal that we like offers an instant $750 off with a trade-in. Right now the Galaxy S23 Ultra will get you $750, while other, older devices can fetch you $550 to $650. Samsung is pairing that trade-in with a doubling of storage from 256GB to 512GB at no cost. But really, that would normally run you an extra $120, so it’s a really great freebie.

Getting this deal doesn’t take much work. As you know, the trade-in program gets you money off today (not later when you send in your phone, like everyone else’s trade-in scheme), plus the upgrade to storage is just there for the choosing.

Samsung is running this promo on all colors of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, including the exclusive online-only options. This is for the unlocked model, as well as the carrier variants. All are welcome here.

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