Samsung’s Free $50 Off With Galaxy Z Fold 6 Almost Done

Alright, here’s your last reminder – to get the best Galaxy Z Fold 6 deal at launch, Samsung’s reserve system is the way to go. You have less than two days left to get in with your name and email in order to receive the bonus $50 credit from Samsung when pre-orders go live.

We’ve talked about this several times already, but for those who keep missing it, here’s the deal. Samsung runs a reserve program with the launch of almost every new major phone or foldable. That reserve system (here) gets you a bonus at the time of pre-orders for whatever device is launching, and all you are doing to “reserve” is tell them that you are interested. By doing so, they’ll give you $50 in bonus money to spend when pre-orders go live. That’s it. It’s the simplest “deal” in the game, assuming you want one of Samsung’s new devices.

GALAXY Z FOLD 6 LAUNCH DATE: For July’s launch, Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, along with several other devices, like the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. They will announce them on July 10, at an event in Paris that you can watch live with us, since we aren’t flying across the world this week. We’ll also have a ton of coverage on that day to share with you, so that you know all that is new and big from Samsung.

$1,200 TRADES, FREE STORAGE UPGRADE, MORE: Outside of the $50 bonus credit, Samsung is giving buyers up to $1,200 off the Fold 6 with trade-ins via an instant discount/credit. They are upgrading storage for free too, giving you double the standard amount. And finally, you’ll get Samsung Care+ for a year if you pre-order one of the new devices.

The launch deals are always the best deals from Samsung and the maximum savings is through the reserve system. Hit it up.

Samsung Reserve Link

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