Sennheiser’s new wired headphones look like comfortable audiophile cans ready for travel

Sennheiser has launched the HD 620S, its latest pair of headphones that try to balance performance, noise isolation, and comfort.

This model is a bit of an odd duck but in a good way. The line that it’s a part of, the HD 600 series, consists entirely of open-back headphones. These are great at outputting high-quality audio. However, they’re not so good at blocking outside noise, making them a poor fit for travel. The HD 620S is swimming against the current by being a pair of closed-back headphones. Devices with this design are much better at stopping noise from leaking in. 

The company states the cup covers are reinforced with steel that acts as “an efficient isolator”. Each one houses a 42mm dynamic transducer with a 38mm diaphragm engulfing the listener in a bubble of sound. Alongside them are 150-ohm aluminum voice coils ensuring clear vocal clarity and accurate output. The result is a pair of high-performing headphones able to cover a wide range of audio. Sennheiser even boasts they have a louder bass response than the HD 600, a pair of headphones that reportedly can reproduce “true-to-life sound”.

Sennheiser HD 620S being worn

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

A comfortable fit

One of the issues with closed-ear headphones is they can be uncomfortable to wear. Their isolative design means air isn’t flowing which can lead to hot and sweaty ears. The HD 620S, however, is also focused on delivering a comfortable experience more akin to open-ear headphones. Sennheiser says the combination of “spacious ear cup covers and the supple ear pads” enables good ventilation so heat isn’t trapped. Like the cup covers, the headband is made of reinforced steel for long-term durability. They’re also lightweight with the whole package clocking in at 670g (about 1.5 pounds).

Sennheiser HD 620S being worn while meditating

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

Preorders for the Sennheiser HD 620S are currently open. You can purchase a pair for $349.95/£299.99/AU$599.95. The shipping date is set for June 6. With a purchase, you’ll receive a six-foot cable (1.8 meters). In the next couple of months, all you audiophiles out there can buy an optional 4.4mm balanced cable for even better audio fidelity. 

Analysis: Good first impression

You can think of these headphones as a jack of all trades. In the announcement, Sennheiser mentions how the HD 620S “combines the DNA of the HD 600 and 500 series, bringing the best of both” worlds together. But will it be good enough to be a Master of All? Could it herald in a new era of headphones fusing the best aspects of open and closed-ear designs into one? Maybe. At the very least, it’ll come close. 

Becky Scarrott wearing Sennheiser HD 620S

Senior Audio Editor Becky Scarrott wearing Sennheiser HD 620S (Image credit: Future)

TechRadar’s Audio Editor Becky Scarrott recently had the opportunity to try out the HD 620S and her first impressions were positive. She stated, “They feel incredibly light to hold and [wear]”, saying the padding on the headband “is exceptional.” Regarding its performance, Becky said the “detail levels are also excellent”. They’re on the same level as the HD 600. She concludes by saying, “Early signs are good!”

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