T-Mobile says prices are going up on older plans

After years of avoiding rate hikes, the “Un-carrier” is slamming some of its older plans with price increases of $2 to $5 per month, citing rising costs and inflation. 

The hit comes starting with June or July bills, but T-Mobile’s staying mum on exactly how many customers will feel the pinch. 

Affected plans include older options like Simple Choice and ONE, while those fancy Go5G plans and Price Lock customers get a free pass… for now. Unlike last year’s attempted plan shuffle, there’s no opting out of this hike. 

Customers started receiving text messages about the price increase

T-Mobile announces rate plan increase starting June 2024.T-Mobile announces rate plan increase starting June 2024.
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This move follows T-Mobile’s CFO hinting at a price increase just last week, and puts them in line with competitors who’ve already raised rates. 

Here’s the deal: T-Mobile’s all about the bottom line now. They’re pushing those pricier Go5G plans hard, and this is a nudge to get customers to upgrade.

And it might just work – a few extra bucks a month might not be enough to make most jump ship… yet. 

But let’s be real, this chips away at T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” image. Sure, they’ve still got some competitive options, but prices are only headed one way. 

So, what’s a Magenta fan to do? If you’re on an older plan, it’s time to crunch numbers and see if a Go5G plan (or a competitor) is a better bet. And if you’re already on Go5G, buckle up – you might be along for the ride. 

The era of cheap wireless might be ending, folks. Stay vigilant and keep these carriers in check! 

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