The best AI search engines of 2024: Google, Perplexity, and more

Unlike the rest of the picks on this list that have integrated AI into existing search engines, Perplexity AI has been built to be an AI search engine — and this approach shows in its interface, which perfectly blends the best features of AI chatbots and search engines. Ultimately, this capability sets Perplexity apart from all the competitors on the market and makes it the most compelling and comprehensive AI search engine. 

When you first visit the application, you will see a textbox that resembles what you see when you visit any AI chatbot. However, when you click on the textbox, you will be given many prompt suggestions based on current events, much like when you are going to enter a search query in a search engine. These suggestions are helpful for prompt ideation and set Perplexity apart from other AI chatbots. 

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Once you enter your search query, the results page provides several links at the top, which is helpful if you use Perplexity as a search engine to find the most appropriate website. The results include conversational, concise, bulleted AI-generated answers with footnotes and website links. 

Lastly, underneath the AI insights, users can take advantage of a “related” section, which resembles the experience on a search engine tool, such as Google’s “people also ask” feature. This “related” section encourages discovery. Perplexity is free to use, and you don’t need an account, making it easy to jump in and try the tool. 

Perplexity features: Free | Proprietary LLM | Premium subscription available with access to advanced models such as GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 3, and more

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