The best Netflix original movies right now

The cast of Unfrosted.

The lineup of new Netflix original movies is a little light in May, even with the splashy arrival of Jerry Seinfeld’s Unfrosted. But in some ways, we shouldn’t be surprised that the critically panned comedy was outperformed by Mother of the Bride, a pretty conventional rom-com that centers on a middle-aged couple played by Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt. That film is still among the most popular movies on Netflix, while Unfrosted may be on some year-end lists for the worst movie of 2024. And yet Unfrosted is hard to look away from, and it’s almost fun to laugh at it for all of the wrong reasons.

Those are just two of the selections on the list of the best Netflix original movies right now. And rest assured, the remaining contenders on the list are there because they’re great.

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