The Ford Capri Is Coming Back, But This EV Is Not What We Expected

On a technical end, the new Capri will reportedly be based on a Volkswagen platform — the same one used by the VW ID.5 — in another surprising move. The standard Capri is stated to have 282 horsepower in a rear-wheel drive configuration, while the dual motor all-wheel drive Capri Premium will boast 335 horsepower. That’s not too shabby. 

The extended range battery is 77 kWh for the rear-wheel drive model, and 79 kWh for the all-wheel drive version. Prices have not been announced yet, but it will feature a heated and massaging driver seat as standard, so that’s a nice touch. The aforementioned Capri Premium will gain a Bang & Olufson sound system and 20-inch wheels. A heat pump climate control system is also optional.

It makes sense why Ford would bring back the Capri name for a European audience. As disappointing as it may be for hardcore Euro-Ford fans, a compact crossover is the most logical choice to design a new model, as it has the most mass market appeal if the price is right.

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