The Google Nest Wi-Fi router is great, especially at just $40

Google Nest Wi Fi color options on a shelf

There are plenty of cheap routers out there, but many of them are pretty horrible. If you’re looking to get a good router at a drop-dead price, there is no better deal than the Google Nest Wi-Fi right now. You can get it for only $40! That is a 77% discount over the original $169 price.

Get the Google Nest Wi-Fi router for only $40!

This deal is available for the white, one-pack version of the Google Nest Wi-Fi router. It’s available from Amazon, and we’re not sure how long the offer will stand.

While getting a bit older, the Google Nest Wi-Fi launched as a high-end router and is still an amazing router that will be more than enough for most people. You can connect up to a whopping 200 devices simultaneously, and speeds can reach up to 2,200Mbps. You also get dual-band connectivity, with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Of course, it helps that it happens to have a minimal design, and it will look great anywhere you put it, unlike other cheap routers, which can look pretty jarring. The router can cover 2,200 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage. That said, this was made to work as a mesh system. Nothing is stopping you from getting multiple units and covering larger spaces with a strong Wi-Fi signal.

This is a fantastic deal, but we’re not sure how long it will last. If you want to upgrade your network without spending much, it would be a great idea to buy the Google Nest Wi-Fi now. If you’re not sure about it, you can check out our Google Nest Wi-Fi review for more details. You really can’t beat it at just $40 bucks, though.

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