The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are about to get new competition

A promotional image of the Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses.

Solos, makers of the AirGo smart glasses, sees what Ray-Ban Meta is doing and wants some of the same. Announced today, the Solos AirGo Vision adds a front camera to the frames, set in the corner just like the popular Ray-Ban models, and is ready to provide on-the-go access to AI-powered visual search and other interactive features.

The company gives some general examples of what you’ll be able to do with a camera on your face. Using its camera, AirGo Vision can provide information on what it “sees” for extensive visual search information and interesting additional features like summarization for shopping, navigation, cooking, and other activities. It harnesses ChatGPT-4o and is the first pair of smart glasses to do so, but its open architecture means you can swap to Google Gemini and Anthropic Claude’s AI models, too.

A promotional image of the camera on the Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses.

It’s stated you can use voice to take photos with the Vision’s camera, but it does not shoot video. Interestingly, as we can see from the images of the AirGo Vision, the camera is part of the arm rather than being built into the frame itself, which is where the lens sits. This is also part of the AirGo’s magic, as these are modular smart glasses where you can swap the front panel out for a different design, as the technology is part of the AirGo’s arms.

The AirGo Vision has another feature familiar to Ray-Ban Meta owners: an LED notification light in the frame, which will provide a visual indicator of messages arriving on your phone, and a flash to let others know the camera is taking a photo. The AirGo Vision will be out later this year for an undisclosed price. In addition to the Vision, Solos will release three styles of its AirGo smart glasses without the camera but with the LED notification light, taking advantage of the modular format. These will cost $250 and will be available as a full pair of glasses or as solely the frame and arms. These will be released in July.

A promotional image of the modular pieces of the Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses.

The AirGo Vision and Solos’s new LED frame feature comes soon after the company announced its Live Search software feature for all AirGo models, which is available through a software update.

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