The Risk With Buying Used Tools

Another major issue with buying used tools online is that you may not be able to get a warranty for the devices that you purchase. There is a bit of nuance here, though, because that statement can depend on the brand of tools you buy. For example, many professional-tier brands, like Snap-on and Matco, offer lifetime warranties on most of their tools. If you buy a used tool from one of these brands, the company will honor its warranty in most cases, even if you didn’t buy the tool new. However, not all tool manufacturers provide lifetime warranties. If you buy a used tool from a brand without a lifetime guarantee, and it breaks after a short period, you may not be able to get a replacement.

But even if the used tool you buy isn’t covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you may still have some options. Some sellers offer their own warranties. These warranties typically last for shorter periods than the guarantees provided by manufacturers, but they’re still better than nothing. You should also remember the steps outlined above — purchasing from a reputable seller and understanding the tools you buy can go a long way toward avoiding defective devices and the need for a warranty altogether.

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