Truecaller & Microsoft Partner For An AI Voice-Answering Feature

Caller ID service company Truecaller, in partnership with Microsoft, is all set to introduce a new AI-powered feature that will allow users to create their own voice for answering incoming calls.

Truecaller has introduced a new feature: AI-powered Assistant

Truecaller has introduced a new feature: AI-powered Assistant

The new AI-powered feature, which is part of Truecaller’s AI assistant, utilizes the ‘Personal Voice’ technology from Microsoft Azure AI Speech. It allows users of the Truecaller Assistant to create a short digital version of their own voice to use inside the Assistant.

Truecaller’s AI Assistant, first introduced on the Truecaller app in September 2022, can automatically answer phone calls for customers, screen calls and let them know why they are calling, let the users know if the call is worth answering, take messages, respond on their behalf, or record the call for later viewing.

With the addition of Microsoft Azure AI Speech’s Personal Voice feature in Truecaller, those who already have Assistant on their Truecaller app will now be able to answer their calls in their ‘real’ voice instead of one of the many preset numbers of digital voices that represented them. 

To use the feature, consumers must record a few seconds of their own voice to create a digital voice while setting up Truecaller Assistant. However, this functionality will be available only to Truecaller Premium subscribers. 

Raphael Mimoun, Product Director and General Manager of Truecaller Israel, said that integrating Microsoft Azure AI Speech’s personal voice capability into Truecaller is a significant step “towards delivering a truly personalized and engaging communication experience.”

He added, “The personal voice feature allows our users to use their own voice, enabling the digital assistant to sound like them when handling incoming calls. This groundbreaking capability not only adds a touch of familiarity and comfort for the users but also showcases the power of AI in transforming the way we interact with our digital assistants. We firmly believe that the personal voice feature will revolutionize the way our users manage their calls and elevate their overall experience with Truecaller Assistant.”

Microsoft says Azure AI Speech, currently available for limited users, automatically adds watermarks to the speech output generated with personal voices. Truecaller says the ‘Personal Voice’ feature will be available to paid users via a public beta in the coming weeks for those living in India, the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Chile, and South Africa.

The Redmond giant shared a demo video of the personal voice feature at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle, which is embedded below. You can read about this on Microsoft’s blog post here.

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