Trump says he thinks Biden will stay in White House race

Donald Trump said in an interview Monday night that he thinks President Joe Biden will stay in the race for the White House despite calls for him to drop out over concerns about his mental fitness.

“I think he, you know, might very well stay in,” Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News, in his first interview since Biden’s dismal performance in their presidential debate late last month.

“He’s got an ego and he doesn’t want to quit,” Trump said.

The Republican ex-president also gave his first detailed account of the CNN-hosted debate in Atlanta, during which Biden often lost his train of thought and at times spoke incoherently, looking dazed.

“I will tell you. It was a strange debate, because within a couple of minutes, the answers given by him were, they didn’t, they didn’t make a lot of sense,” Trump said.

Trump said he intentionally did not look much at Biden as he spoke.

“I did take a couple of peeks when he was in the midst of giving some really bad answers,” Trump said.

“They weren’t even answers. They were just words put together that had no meaning or sense.”

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