Whatever Happened To Twitter’s First Employees?

Dom Sagolla was also part of the initial team that built Twitter. Like most of his colleagues, Sagolla was successful before his time at Odeo and Twitter. He worked at Adobe for two years, and preceding that was a stint teaching at the University of California at Berkeley. He also had stops at Hewlett Packard and MIT Media Lab before joining the Twitter crew. While at Twitter, Sagolla was part of the team that pitched the idea, helping to oversee Twitter as it was being created, tested, and deployed. 

Sagolla is a big fan of the 140-character limit on Twitter and even wrote a book called “140 Characters” about how to effectively write in such a short format. Like most of Twitter’s early employees, Dom’s position was eliminated, and he was sent packing — an anticlimactic end for one of the first ten people ever on Twitter. Thankfully, Sagolla soon went back to Adobe to work as a lead quality engineer while also developing DollarApp, an endeavor he eventually sold to Chaotic Moon Studios in 2012. He kept working with Chaotic Moon Studios for another two years before leaving to do other things. 

On top of teaching people how to win hackathons through posts on his Medium account, Sagolla has co-founded and currently helps run three different companies. One is Developer Camp, a learning spot for young developers. Additionally, Sagolla co-founded Kryptonic and Archipelo, both of which deal with AI, the blockchain, and more. 

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