What’s The Most Popular Harley-Davidson Model & How Many Different Ones Are There?

In its current structure, Harley-Davidson groups its various motorcycle offerings into five key families. The first category is Cruisers, which comprises bikes that have a relatively straightforward design, accessible to the general consumer base. The second is Grand American Touring, which are designed for extended, long-distance ventures. The third is Sport, which fittingly centers around sports bikes that can accomplish fast speeds. The fourth is Adventure Touring, which offers motorcycles that are built to handle off-road excursions. Finally, the fifth is Trikes, which are distinguished by their three-wheel structure. These families roughly mirror the six of the generally accepted categories in the greater motorcycle industry: standard, cruiser, touring, sports, off-road, and dual-purpose.

As of 2024, Harley-Davidson currently sells 24 distinct motorcycle models across its various families. There are eight Cruisers, including the Low Rider ST and the Hydra-Glide Revival. Grand American Touring comprises another eight models, such as the classic Road Glide. The other categories are smaller, with Sport featuring three models, Adventure Touring having two, and Trike also three. It’s worth noting that some distinct models are simply variants of another, such as the Nightster and the Nightster Special.

The question of how many Harley-Davidson motorcycle models there have ever been across the company’s history is even tougher to accurately pinpoint. When factoring in discontinued model lines from throughout the years such as the Harley-Davidson XLCR and the Harley-Davidson Peace Officer, the number quickly balloons to well over 50 different production models. 

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