Who Makes Harbor Freight’s Portable Carports & How Much Do They Cost?

There is a wide range of sizes and prices for Coverpro’s carports. The least expensive is a 10-foot by 20-foot canopy style for $145. It’s not enclosed like the other ones. However, if you’re looking to just get your vehicle out of the elements for a short period of time and for something a bit easier to put together, it’s not a bad setup.

For a smaller enclosed size, the brand makes what is technically considered a portable shed — it is 10-foot by 10-foot. However, it is the perfect size to house a motorcycle or any large tools. You can even put your lawnmower in it for safekeeping. This one will run you $190, though, and the prices for carports only go up from there.

The two most popular portable carports are both enclosed and able to fit a vehicle. The 10-foot by 17-foot, which costs $230, is perfect for smaller sedans and other vehicles. When I owned one, I fit a 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet inside with plenty of room to spare for storing other items. Lastly, there is a 12-foot by 20-foot portable garage that can fit an SUV or truck — this one runs $400. However, be aware that the height is only 8 feet for this carport, so if your truck is lifted too high, it may not fit.

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