Xsolla report reveals video game industry trends & EU regulatory shifts

Today, Xsolla, a globally recognised video games commerce company, announced the launch of the Spring edition of its comprehensive quarterly analysis titled ‘The Xsolla Report: The State of Play’. This detailed report discusses emerging trends, key shifts, and the potential future of the gaming industry.

The report highlights critical findings regarding tech giants and EU regulations. It suggests a promising shift for game developers with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act requiring tech giants to relax their control on in-app purchases. As a result, game developers can look beyond the built-in payment systems of Google and Apple, thereby negating the 27% charge cost and facilitating the surging trend towards alternative billing.

The Xsolla analysis also highlights the increasing emphasis on professional skill development in the gaming industry. As of now, game development education is being offered at an undergraduate level in 107 countries, with submissions increasing by 23% since 2022. This trend underscores the increasing demand for skilled professionals, with a predicted rise of 25% in software developer jobs by 2032 noted by the report.

Monetisation strategies within the gaming industry are also discussed, particularly in light of player expectations, regulatory developments, and shifting industry trends. The report suggests that developers are turning away from traditional models and instead are seeking innovative ways to boost their revenue streams without compromising game integrity.

Berkley Egenes, Xsolla’s Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, said: “With ‘The State of Play’, we’re not only sharing industry insights, we’re advocating for a transformative vision: Equal Access for Everyone. This initiative is not just about promoting growth within the gaming industry. It’s about eliminating obstacles to ensure every developer, no matter the size of their company, can show their creativity to a global audience. We focus on providing platforms and tools that cultivate creative opportunities, international exposure, and the development of unique projects, thus ensuring the future of gaming is accessible to all. We aim to empower every player and developer worldwide, reinforcing a gaming landscape that is as diverse and dynamic as its community.”

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