Yale Assure Lock 2 vs. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The Yale Assure Lock 2 Smart Lock Deadbolt keypad being used by someone.

Smart locks are a powerful way to enhance your front door security, and few products are as popular as the Yale Assure Lock 2 and August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Both are quite expensive (carrying price tags that can climb over $200), but your investment gets you slick designs, tons of functionality, and an easy way to let guests access your home without giving away a physical key.

But which is best — the Yale Assure Lock 2 or the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock? From pricing and installation to mobile companion apps and more, here’s a look at these two popular smart locks.

Pricing and design

Several Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch models on a yellow background.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 comes in several styles with a wide range of price tags. There are three versions of the Assure Lock 2 — the standard Assure Lock 2, the Assure Lock 2 Touch, and the Assure Lock 2 Plus. Within these models, you can opt for a touchscreen or keypad, keyed or key-free, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support. Pricing runs the gamut from $160 to $290. No matter which you pick, you’ll be treated to a slim and sleek device that looks great on all doors, thanks to multiple available colors and premium construction. All told, the Assure Lock 2 is one of the best-looking and most customizable smart locks of 2024.

Things are much simpler for the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It’s available in silver or black and only comes in one format costing $200. You can, however, bundle in a Yale Keypad for an extra $30, as this August product doesn’t come with a built-in keypad.

Winner: Yale Assure Lock 2


August Wi-Fi lock being installed.

All versions of the Yale Assure Lock 2 are designed as lock replacements. This means you’ll completely remove your existing deadbolt and install a new one included with the Assure Lock 2. It’s a fairly straightforward process — but depending on the current door setup, you might need to make some minor adjustments to your frame. Most folks, however, should have no problem getting the lock installed in under 30 minutes.

Installation is much different for the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, as it’s built to fit over your existing deadbolt. That means your current keys will still work with the door, and the setup process is streamlined to the point where you’ll only spend 15 minutes getting it up and running.

Winner: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Mobile app

A collage of screens from the August app.

Yale and August are both owned by Assa Abloy, one of the biggest lock makers on the planet. This means both products work with the Yale app, though you can also use the August product with the original August app.

Using these apps, you can check the door status, see a running history of when the door was opened or closed, and set up passwords for guests. Both locks are great for rental properties, as you can restrict guests’ access to certain dates. For example, you can program a password for a guest that only works until Wednesday afternoon. After that, the account will automatically deactivate.

Winner: Tie

Notable features

A person opening the Yale Assure Lock 2 with their Apple Watch.

Both locks let you control them remotely via the mobile app, set temporary passwords, and check in on the status of the door. However, the Assure Lock 2 is a bit more enticing, as it comes with an included keypad. By comparison, the August lock requires you to purchase the optional Yale Keypad. The Assure Lock 2 is also available in a variety of formats, allowing you to tailor the lock to your needs. You’ll even find a model with a fingerprint scanner for quick entry — a feature unavailable on the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

Winner: Yale Assure Lock 2

Which is the better smart lock?

While the Yale Assure Lock 2 offers more features and flexibility, it’s not necessarily the right smart lock for everyone. If you prefer to keep your existing deadbolt, for example, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is an easy recommendation. And if you’re worried about the installation process, then August is another good choice. But for everyone else, there’s no denying the appeal of the Assure Lock 2. With a sleek design, included keypad, and multiple available formats, it’s one of the best smart locks of 2024 and makes a great companion for all front doors.

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