You Can Rip $1,590 Off the Galaxy Z Fold 6

Enough hype for one day, you probably already know if the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is a device you want to spend some money on. You know the features and specs and that big ol’ price. You likely now want to know what the best deal is – we have that for you.

There’s a few parts to this Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deal, so let’s go ahead and try to break it all down.

$1,200 TRADE DISCOUNT: To get the lowest price, as is always the case, Samsung wants you to trade-in their previous offering in the category. For the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, they want you to trade-in your Galaxy Z Fold 5. If you do that, they’ll give you $1,200 off instantly. That immediately drops the price to $699 (from $1,899), which is pretty wild.

Don’t have the Fold 5? A Galaxy Z Fold 4 will get you $1,000 off, the Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy S24 Ultra will both get you $900 off, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is worth $800. These are all mostly new devices that could be tough to part with, but I’m thinking Fold 3 owners at the very least should be jumping at this. This is a big upgrade for those folks.

And again, Samsung’s trade-in program gets you the value of your trade today as an instant discount. This isn’t one of those deals where you get reimbursed later – they give you the value as a price drop immediately.

$100 BONUS CREDIT: To further sweeten the deal, you can save an extra $100 off just by using our pre-order links (like this one). I know that sounds weird, but our deal partner works closely with Samsung and has offered you $100 off just by hanging out with us and clicking our pre-order links. That’s sort of awkward to say, but hey, free $100 discount! With this $100 on top of the $1,200 trade, you are down to $599.

$50 SHOP SAMSUNG APP: Remember the Shop Samsung app deal from the holiday season, where you saved extra by buying through it? Samsung appears to want you to shop in there again, so if you haven’t done so, they’ll give you an additional $50 off if it’s your first purchase there. (Download Shop Samsung)

FREE DOUBLE STORAGE: Finally, Samsung is doing their free double-storage upgrade as they often do. That means you jump from 256GB to 512GB at no extra cost ($120 value). If you were hoping for 1TB, you can also upgrade to that for the price of the 512GB model ($240 value).

Alright, that was a lot, so here’s the recap:

  • Up to $1,200 off with trades
  • $100 exclusive discount from us
  • $50 bonus in Shop Samsung if first purchase
  • Free double storage upgrade to 512GB or 1TB

In total, you could save $1,590 off the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Pre-order Link

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