Adobe announced Acrobat AI Assistant for Enterprise users

Several companies are implementing AI into their products, and one of the main companies doing so is Adobe. This makes sense, as Adobe is a very productivity-focused company. Today, Adobe just announced the Acrobat AI Assistant for Enterprise customers that will help boost productivity.

This news should come as no surprise, as Adobe has been doing a lot to stay ahead of the AI curve. For example, the company recently launched the Adobe Express app for Android and iOS. This brings a collection of AI tools over to the mobile platform. You can download the apps today.

Adobe announced the Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise users

So far, Adobe’s AI tools have been great for single users and small companies. However, this is Adobe we’re talking about! This company’s products are industry standards, and it wants to make its AI tools the same way. Today, the company announced a new payment tier for enterprise customers.

With the subscription add-on, you will be able to access the Acrobat AI assistant. This is the all-encompassing AI chatbot for Adobe’s platforms. It allows users to create emails, reports, presentations, etc. just using information present within documents. It plays the role of most AI tools that extract information from content given and generate relevant content.

To give a few examples, the AI Assistant can read documents including PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, and more documents. You can ask a question based on the documents, and it will be able to give you answers. Say, if you have to extract information from a large Word document, and you don’t have the time, you can ask the AI assistant to summarize specific information from the document.

Also, you can use the AI Assistant to summarize entire documents.  This is one of the most popular features of AI tools, as it allows you to get a quick rundown of extended bodies of text.

Adobe also has a system that will give proper citations. This way, people using the AI platform will know exactly where it’s getting its data from. So, people will be able to double-check the information to ensure accuracy.

Data safety

A good thing to know is the fact that Adobe does not use your information to train the LLM powering the AI assistant. This is very important, as this is a business-focused platform. You are likely to use it to ascertain business documents and other important documentation. You won’t have to worry about that information getting out.


Acrobat as an assistant is currently available to Enterprise customers in Reader and Acrobat on desktop, web, and mobile. It’s currently only available in English, but more languages will be coming soon.

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