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First there was a hail of criticism, now Apple has actually caved. The US computer company has officially apologized for what was supposed to be the most important part of its campaign surrounding the latest generation of the iPad Pro . The spot shouldn’t be shown on TV now.

A promotional film was also shown during the launch event

Since the introduction of the new iPad Pros, a new Apple commercial that was shown for the first time during the presentation caused discussion. The short film shows a gigantic hydraulic press crushing various objects, with a new iPad Pro emerging when the press is reopened.

Apple wanted to use the commercial beyond the keynote and, among other things, broadcast it on television. However, nothing will come of it now, as the company has decided to apologize for publishing it and to stop broadcasting it due to the massive criticism of the clip.

Apple said in a statement to US magazine AdAge that “creativity is part of Apple’s DNA” and it is “importantly important for us (Apple) to create products that empower creative people around the world.” The goal is “always to celebrate the many ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life using the iPad,” said Tor Myhren, vice president of marketing communications at Apple.

“We went overboard with this video and apologize for it,” it continued. In fact, you could also misunderstand the advertising clip. In the film, numerous artistic tools, games, sculptures, musical instruments, paints and other objects are crushed by the press, revealing an iPad Pro at the end. You might think Apple was trying to imply that all of these creative things could be squeezed into the iPad Pro’s new ultra-thin body.

For the critics of the clip, which can still be seen on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Twitter account and has now collected over 57 million views, the film represents the opposite. It is an unnecessary and depressing commercial, some say. Elsewhere it was said that Apple was showing how modern technology was destroying art and fun.

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