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Last week Apple presented its new iPads and it became clear, especially with the iPad Pro, that the boundaries between tablets and notebooks are becoming increasingly blurred. But that’s not good news for those who want a MacBook with touch.

Is this still a tablet or is it basically a MacBook?

The first tests for the iPad Pro are now available and most of them are very positive, even if some people criticize the high price, especially if you buy the tablet with all the bells and whistles. If you want the full features as well as a pen and Magic Keyboard, the price will be around $2,500 – the same as you pay for a high-end notebook.

This inevitably leads to the question of why Apple doesn’t immediately offer a MacBook with a touch display. And marketing manager Tom Boger has now given an interview to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in which this is discussed. The WSJ wants to know whether the iPad Pro and Mac compete with each other as the boundaries between the devices become increasingly blurred.

However, Boger said that Apple does not see the two devices as competitors, but rather that both complement each other. The iPad has always been a “touch-first device”, while the Mac is intended for “indirect manipulation” – i.e. the use of a keyboard, mouse and/or trackpad.

Of course, this immediately leads to the question of why Apple doesn’t build a direct bridge between these devices, but the marketing man responsible for iPad and Mac remained undeterred and said that iPads are intended for touch and Macs are not. “MacOS is intended for a completely different paradigm of computing,” Boger said. He went on to say that many Apple customers own both types of devices and see the iPad as an “extension” of the Mac and the work done there.

At the very end, Boger also deviated from his consistent stance: When asked whether Apple might change its mind, Boger said: “Oh, I can’t say that we never change our minds.” That wouldn’t be entirely surprising, as there have been rumors about a touch Mac for a while now. Specifically, Bloomberg’s Apple expert Mark Gurman reported that the Californians are preparing such a device for 2025.

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