Arlo Technologies reveals top factors for choosing security cameras

With technology constantly evolving and an increasing number of security systems on the market, it can be a challenge to select an option which fits your needs perfectly. Arlo Technologies simplifies the purchasing decision by highlighting the five key factors to consider when deciding on which security camera to buy.

The first factor to consider is recording clarity, according to Arlo Technologies. They explain that to protect what matters most, both camera resolution and recording clarity are crucial for a clear understanding of the footage you capture. While Full High Definition (FHD) security cameras are quite standard, Arlo is updating the game with their Essential range cameras featuring a 2K resolution for stronger clarity. Those who desire the best of recording will be attracted to the Arlo Ultra 2 package that offers a 4K resolution, providing sharper and clearer footage. They add, “2K & 4K resolution enables you to zoom in and still maintain a higher level of clarity. As technology continues to evolve it is also reassuring to know these resolutions are also capable of supporting certain facial recognition programs.”

The second crucial aspect is the field of view (FOV) of your security camera, which determines the area it can cover. “Having an adequate field of view is essential for ensuring comprehensive surveillance,” they establish. This is particularly important in larger spaces where multiple entry points or potential security threats may exist. Arlo offers a generous coverage ranging from 130 to 180, ensuring all corners of your property are under surveillance.

The third aspect to think about is zoom capabilities. According to Arlo, it’s an essential feature that allows users to focus on specific areas of interest and pick up critical illustration. Their cameras offer up to a 12x zoom, allowing users to enhance images without losing quality.

Number four on the list is audio functionality. Arlo Technologies highlights the importance of being able to both hear and communicate with individuals on your property. Some of their cameras provide functionalities such as two-way communication and noise-cancelling features. They stress, “Full-duplex audio enables simultaneous two-way communication, allowing for seamless interactions with visitors or potential intruders. Meanwhile, noise-cancelling technology helps filter out background noise, ensuring clear audio transmission.”

The fifth and final factor is night vision capabilities. Arlo emphasizes that effective surveillance involves round-the-clock monitoring. They offer cameras equipped with night vision technology which ensures clear imaging, even in low-light or night-time conditions. Furthermore, their cameras produce clear footage in both black and white and colour, ensuring you can efficiently monitor your property regardless of the time of day.

In conclusion, Arlo suggests that by considering these five areas when choosing a security camera, you will equip yourself with a surveillance system that truly stands up to your security needs.

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